Monday, October 7, 2013

I'd love to know...

The past couple of days have seen me hooking away at a simply little tutorial for the 'tapestry crochet' that I've been working on lately... I'm no expert at this craft, by any means, but after watching a few YouTube videos and reading a few how-to's I've taken what seems to make sense to me and the way that I crochet and I'm slowly putting it all together in the hope that it will make sense to you too... One thing I never came across while searching for info on this craft was a step by step on the actual process, from start to finish - so that's what I'm doing and in the next couple of days I'll pop my little tutorial up here and maybe you too may just get as hooked on 'tapestry crochet' as me...   
spots 1
I love handmade goodies and this past week saw me purchasing the cutest of things from a sweet little crafter, Bec...
Bec's Shop 'Pretty Please' has the sweetest little girls hair accessories and I couldn't help but grab my horse loving 7 yr old some of these gorgeous pink pony hair ties (you can check Bec's Shop out here)...
local 2 
I'm anxiously awaiting my vegetable garden to grow some more legs (so to speak) but while it does I've been busily weeding and pruning and building new things all the while enjoying abundantly flowering sage,
and Passion-fruit flowers setting fruit, 
and the first of my roses from the cuttings taken back in May...
rose 1 
I was blown away this afternoon when I stumbled across these 2 flowers amoungst my 100+ cuttings. I never expected these new rose plants to flower this year but am absolutely thrilled that they have...
rose 2
And this afternoon the girls and I cooked up some yummy muesli slice packed full of gorgeous sesame, pumpkin, poppy and sunflower seeds - YUMMO!!! Perfect for morning tea breaks in the schoolroom. Yes that's right, school holidays are now over, time for this mum to dust off the 'teacher' hat and remember to breath a little as we work our way through the last Term of 2013... 
slice (2)

Do you like 'Tapestry Crochet'??

Have you bought something handmade lately? What? Where? I'd love to know.. 

Are there any surprises in your garden?

Do you cook for your kids for school? What's their favourite recipe??


  1. That tutorial will capture my interest. I don't have any roses out yet, but lots of buds...and some baby canaries are my surprise.

    1. WESOME!!!

      Baby canaries - what a gorgeous surprise Annie... :)

    2. oppps - I meant to type 'awesome'... hehehe... :)

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  3. Hi Jodie...I love those horsey hair ties! I know another 7 year old girl who was far too busy practicing the bending race on her horse this morning to be bothered with school! Your sage is do you use it? I have a healthy plant but must admit I haven't used it much in cooking.

    Your muesli slice looks like a perfect school smoko treat.

    Great advice on breathing through Term 4! Good luck xx

    1. That's too cute Jane - I'd rather be riding a horse than doing school work too... ;)
      I use my Sage every second night when I'm cooking - I love it!!! Chopped and mixed with several others from my garden, fried with some garlic and onion always makes for a great base to any dish I say - curries, savoury mince, chicken pie, soups, or even just blitz it with your bread crumbs for a delicious crumb to coat chicken breasts - YUMMO!!! I also like to put a couple of roughly chopped leaves in a small container to olive oil - great for brushing over freshly baked bread before toasting... :)

      Take Care and thanks for popping by... :)

    2. I have Sage on my bench and I am using it tonight Jodie! I made your muesli slice too...delicious and perfect for our Friday 'town school' day xx

    3. AWESOME Jane!!!! I was thinking of you the other night when I roasted up some potatoes with sage and garlic... It was absolutely delicious... :)

  4. My butter beans and corn just poked their heads through the soil today with the warmth of the sunshine! I have been cooking muffins for my tribe of late because it seems to be just the right thing to fill them up. I make little ones for a smaller snack and larger ones for the hungry boys. My favourites are Lemon Yoghurt Muffins, Orange & Poppy Seed and Carrot with Cream Cheese Topping.

    1. How exciting - I love it when new seeds merge from the soil!

      Muffins - yum! I'd love the recipe for the 'orange and poppy seed' and 'carrot with cream cheese frosting' muffins if you'd like to share... :)

      Take Care and thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment CherylAnn... xx

  5. I'm looking forward to the tapestry crochet tutorial.
    The hair ties are the sweetest. x

    1. Thanks Zara - I'm hoping to have the tutorial finished tonight... :)


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