Friday, February 15, 2008

Early Riser....

For Valentine's day yesterday I set the little princess up with some paint, card stock and an old egg carton... We were determined to tackle this craft idea from A Little Hut. All went well up until we had to cut out the egg carton to form a heart shape. Boy this was HARD!! We did the best we could and ended up with this.....Pretty cute hey??? The back of the heart was coloured in with red pencil by the little princess and had a Valentines Day verse written on it... This will no doubt be the first of many Valentine Day pressy's that she'll make for her Daddy...

With the rest of the card stock that was painted red we cut out heart shapes in all different sizes and scattered them over the table at dinner time.... It looked gorgeous teamed up with a red and white check table cloth. We all sat down to a lovely candle light dinner of Lasagne (daddy's favourite) and salad with homemade chocolate bavarian (also daddy's favourite) for dessert....

How did you spend your Valentines Day???

I got a chance to whip another set of these coasters up this morning...You see, I couldn't sleep and was up at sparrows fart, 4:27am to be exact... The house is sooo peaceful at this time of the day and it was nice watching the sun come up, maybe I should do this more often!! What time do you like to rise out of bed in the morning??


  1. Yum, I love lasagne and chocolate bavarian. We went out to a turkish restaurant and I had Shish Kebab with yoghurt - it was yummy!
    Love the egg carton heart - so cute.

  2. looks like a great day.......and I am usually up at day light.......whatever time that is.......gee the mornings are closing in at the moment........

  3. gosh that's early...I get up at 7am but I guess that's what happens if you don't have kids. So cute that your little one made something for valentine, a great idea! We don't do valentine..we don't really need a special day to be nice to eachother so Marcel got a sticky note and I got a text message :) and we had pizza for dinner

  4. Beautiful!
    Want some &...
    Are you CRAZY? Xxx

  5. What time I LIKE to get out of bed and what time I HAVE to get out of bed are usually very different.
    Certainly not early enough to be whipping up coasters. (love that colour BTW)

  6. I love your little one's heart!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day! It's still Valentine's here, but we didn't do anything because everyone is sick. :( But that's okay, we are all mending and we will try again next week. I am not much of a morning person, but I try to get up with my husband at 6:15. It doesn't always happen.

  8. ooooh - i didn't realise you can make a homemade chocolate bavarian - was it hard?

    love the valentine - looks like you both had fun making it.


  9. Your little one is such a cute artist and her creation is lovely! She takes after her crafty mum, I guess!

  10. what a gorgeous way to celebreat heart day.... really beautiful...
    luv Ab

  11. Love the heart! I do that too get up really really early when I'm awake - you can get so much done!

  12. Sparrow's fart...looks so funny written down-I have a feeling that is a very Australian saying!
    I am a work late into the night person who would prefer to sleep im, unfortunately the world does not organise itself around my body clock's preferred schedule so I have to get my kids up for the bus!
    Cute art!
    Your quilting efforts look great, I am NO help, but appreciate it anyway, Tracey

  13. Love the valentines effort and the coasters, but really think you should get more sleep. How do you get through the day. I like to get up about 6 on school days but sleep in till 7 or 8 at the weekend.

  14. I get out of bed at 5:30 to let the cat out (I know, I know) and then I either get up properly and go for a walk, or go back to bed and doze until Handyman's alarm goes of at 6:38. Lovely hearts!

  15. love that project with the egg crate and paint. it looks like she had so much fun!

  16. what a lovely way to spend Valentines Day. It looks like yo enjoyed it - I hope hubby appreciated it!

  17. miniaturequilterMarch 2, 2008 at 2:27 AM

    I hate to say what time I get up. We are on my husbands schedule, he comes home close to midnight, (and my 2 year-old doesn't even take naps everyday)So no early morning crafting for me, I need my sleep. (I get up about9:30, the baby and my husband get up about 10-10:30.

  18. Hello Dear Blogger,
    You're creative and i liked your page.Egg Cartons are useful for kids:) Hope to see you soon.Sincerely,


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