Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slow and Steady

I've finally decided to finished off this lap quilt that I started over 5 years ago using all of my scraps...
Being new to the whole quilting process the thought of hand quilting this quilt seemed a little bit daunting!!!! I scrapped up all of my courage and a heap of thread and started stitching away yesterday morning. If I can aim to do an hour before work each day than hopefully this quilt will be knocked over before I know it. After all 'slow and steady' wins the race in the end now doesn't it?? Even though it's been a 5+ year long race!!!! LOLThere's just one problem that I have.... I don't know the correct way to start my thread off.... I've been doing a few loops in the one spot to secure the thread but am scared that this will come unwound once the quilt is washed.... Does anybody have any pointers for me?? Fingers crossed I'm doing it right... :)


  1. I love the colour combination - sophisticated yet pretty. As far as sewing goes, I just make it up as I go along. I've made a couple of cot size quilts that so far haven't come apart in the wash.

  2. gorgeous work jodie.... well done. luv the little fabric dish also..

  3. Tie a knot in the thread with a longish tail (say 1") and then put the needle through from the back, through the wadding (but not through the top of the quilt), and then back out the back - like doing a long quilting stitch, only from the back, and not going through all the layers - and then gently pull the thread until the knot goes in through the backing, into the batting - and then you can do a couple of stitches in place, and you'll be fine! Persistence is key with quilting!

  4. my method i simalr to miss dj.i make a knot, go in from the top about 10 cm from where you intended to start quilting.pull the top taught and tug on the thread,the knot should pop through and you off.i use the same methos in reverse to finish off.hope this was clear!love your quilt!

  5. Well done for having a go and use this quilt for learning as you will get better as you go. Have a read of this as I think it explains how to quilt quite well. There are lots of other sites as well. This is how I do it. I tie a knot in the thread leaving a little bit of a tail. Then, only going through the top and the batting, I enter the top of the quilt about an inch away from where I want to start quilting bringing the needle out where you want to start. Then gently tug the thread through pulling the knot into the batting. Then you start quilting - don't do any extra stitches as they are unnecessary - believe me the knot stays stuck in the batting. When you want to finish you do the same. I take the needle to the back and before you do your last stitch, tie a knot and pull the thread through as a last stitch burying the knot and then cut the thread you pull out off. You'll work out your own version of this as you go along. Good luck!

  6. lovw that quilt! the colors are so nice.

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  8. Looking forward to this one when its finished, Jodie! Hand quilting is really brave. I hand quilted a cot quilt once and it took about 5-6 months to finish. Good luck with the finishing! Loving all your crochet projects, too.

  9. I tie a knot, bring it up from the back, and carefully pull it so it is buried in the quilt! I haven't had any pop through to the front.. yet.. I insert the needle about an inch from where I want to start quilting, and I just go under the fabric, not into the batting..

    hope this helps..



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