Friday, February 1, 2008

Hey PESTO......

I couldn't help myself.... I had to make another one of the apron dresses from last post for my little princess, this time in pink.....They're great!!!! Super cool for the hot Summer days that we're having at the moment. I promise a tutorial is on it's way soon.... She loves kicking about with her lambs, can you remember this black one from back here??? So much for her being pure black.... Now she has little white freckles all over her back. Hasn't she grown!!!!Thanks for the great ideas with what to do with all of the basil that I've been growing.... I made a batch of pesto up last night to stir through some pasta, it was DELICIOUS!!!!
It was sooo simple... I just blended 6 tablespoons of grated cheese (I used Cheddar but you could use Parmesan), 2 really big heaped cups of basil leaves, 1/4 cup of roasted cashew nuts (or you could use pine nuts), 2 peeled cloves of garlic, and a teaspoon of salt in a food processor until it was well combined. Then I slowly drizzled the oil in while the food processor was on low speed. I did this until the mixture resembled a nice smooth paste like in the picture below.... Hey Presto we have PESTO......Thanks to the heads up from Randi of I have to say I'll be freezing any extra pesto from now on as it keeps longer in the freezer then the fridge....
DH went on a bit of a shopping spree last week and bought us both 4 wheel motor bikes... A bit spoilt I know!!!! We went for a ride on them last night - SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone..... ;)


  1. Hey pesto - that just slays me ! Love love love that little apron dress.

  2. ohhhh what a cutey.... I bet all that 4 wheel driving worked up an appetite for that yummy dinner... well done

  3. your princess looks gorgeous - the outfit is so cute.
    your pesto also looks fantatic - how clever are you - you can bake and make!

  4. That does look like it is really easy to make. Might make some pesto myself :)
    The dress does look cute. But I'm really impressed with the four wheel motor bike. Would love to ride one.

  5. Oh my goodness that could be Mei!
    ...and YUM! Xxx

  6. Love the dress and would LOVE a tutorial. Can I tell you I really suck at making clothes, but willing to try again for Sloan. So cute! Your pesto looks delicious and healthy too!

  7. Hi Jodie,
    Hope you don't mind, but I tagged you for the MeMe game. You can check out the rules at my site:
    No worries if you are too busy to play!
    All the best,
    Rosalind Sew Sydney

  8. Your daughter is adorable. Just found your blog thru a give away.

  9. The Apron dresses are gorgeous! Some great new buys there as well, and the pesto-I can smell it from here. We just went red with the new 4 wheelers, and yes, it is great fun!!
    I love the contemporary doll quilt-i am sure the other one wont be wasted! Tracey

  10. 4-wheelers? How fun!

    The pesto sounds great. I will have to put that on my menu this week!


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