Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Love Sunday...

It's my day to chill-out and it's also my cleaning day...
Don't get me wrong, I hate cleaning as much as the next person, don't you??? But I just love that feeling you get when it's all done... So right now I'm sitting back sipping on a cuppa', enjoying my nice clean house even if it is only for just a brief moment before the kids trash it again... But before they do we're heading to town for the afternoon....
With DH away for a couple of days carting stock we've been invited in for a 'play date'..... So after a quick ride around this morning with the girls......
We now have a couple of dozen goats all loaded up, ready to drop off at the depot in town....
This little mob should help pay the next fuel bill, if we're lucky....
What's your favourite day of the week???
Hugs.............. Jodie xx-xx


  1. Snap on the housework today... I see you use goats like we do for an income... we mainly muster/trap them in the warmer months off the waters and truck them out in about a week and hopefully having about 500 to 1000 to go... love the pic of the motorbike I think all farm home have one of those of all the kids at some stage on Dads/Mums bike xxxx

  2. Sundays are lovely days, family, friends chatting and relaxing.

  3. Love seeing your red dirt on my Sunday. It's been a long while now since I've seen that. I can remember it permieating every orifice of every thing and makes for interesting washing of whites!

    Your shop looks so lovely.
    I'm happy that you are enjoying it so much!

    Have a happy week ahead.
    xx Amy

  4. I house is not much fun but that feeling get when it's done is just pure bliss!

  5. monday is my cleaning day. i take the boys to school (emily makes her own way to school) and then i come home and clean. after lunch i sit back and enjoy a few moments of peace and tidiness before they all get home and destroy the serenity. ah but it's all good though :)

  6. Same here with housework; though half of mine is shedwork with the kitchen/bathroom/laundry being in the car shed. They need cleaning more often and seem to get dirtier each time....
    My favourite time happens rarely - time without interuptions! Last Saturday night I had a bath for the first time in over twelve months (short showers due to lack of rain) and I was able to soak and read for almost an hour before three little people joined me; it was bliss!
    Enjoy the play date, and all the best for the goats and the fuel bill.

  7. Hi my fav day is Monday everyone is back to normal and I have and crafting group on in the aft we are called Purls of wisdom ;0) It is slowly cooling down well not that it got hot here anyway but the nights are drawing in and I have put on a cardi at night, thanks for sharing your life with us here in blog land we really appreciate it. ttfn Nicole UK


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