Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lemonade Scones

We're busily building fences here on 'Darling Downs' at the moment and our favourite 'go to' arvo tea would definitely have to be, hands down, Lemonade Scones....
They literally take less than 5 mins to whip up the dough and a max of 10 mins in a really HOT oven to cook...
My girls love them smeared with a nice thick layer of last seasons 'grape jam' and Brad (DH), as crazy as it sounds, loves them with Vegemite... What's going on with that????? He puts Vegemite on just about everything; eggs, crumpets, scones.... Crazy, right????? Well with all of the crazy food cravings aside I thought I'd share my never fail 'Lemonade Scone' recipe with you all.... Here goes.....
Jelly's Lemonade Scones....

ingredients : : 1/2 cup cream, 1/2 cup lemonade, 1 1/2 cup flour.

Method : : Sift flour into a large bowl and pour the cream on top. Now for the tip I was taught to keep the scones light and fluffy; grab a knife stick it into your mixture and slowly add the lemonade. While it's bubbling stir your mixture with the knife. Once all combined it should be sticky.
Lightly flour a surface (I just use my bench top) and turn your mixture out on to it. Sprinkle some flour on top and lightly knead, and I mean LIGHTLY!!!
Press the mixture out with your fingers until it's about 2cm thick and cut with a glass dipped in flour. I usually get 9 large scones per mixture. Place scones on an aluminium tray and bake for 10 mins in a VERY HOT (210'c) oven. Scones are cooked if they sound hollow when tapped on the top...

There you have it, super easy scones that are a crowd pleas-er each and every time....

What's your favourite baked arvo tea recipe????


  1. Lemonade scones are a favourite of mine too. So simple. At the moment I am loving date scones with extra dates. Lovely with a thick smear of butter.

  2. Wow! I made lemonade scones yesterday too!! I made a batch of strawberry jam on Friday, and there is nothing better with homemade jam than homemade scones too. Lemonade scones would have to be the easiest scones ever!

  3. Hi there Jodie, have just discovered your blog site. I haven't been to Cobar but have been to Hillston and Lake Cargellico. How easy are the scones and they taste delicious too.

  4. Love scones. I usually make choc chip cookies or banana cake when I want a nice arvo tea. Sometimes orange cake, depends on what I've got in the house..

  5. lemonade scones are definitely the best, i love making them with my classes at school. so simple and easy! my favourite way to have scones is slathered in butter mmmm. my dad is a lot like your dh, vegemite on everything! he likes to have vegemite and mashed potato on toast, vegemite on his croissants and on his crumpets too, although i haven't ever seen him put them on scones!

  6. My favourite (and the kids) is apple and raisin cake..uses up those apples that sit in the fruit bowl , that no one will touch. Super easy, super tasty! Oh, and pikelets run a close second...

  7. I've never made lemonade scones, probably because I don't have lemonade in the cupboard. I've eaten them and they are yummy. I'll have to put it on the shopping list and give them a whirl.
    Brad is definitely a true Aussie bloke. Got to love your vegemite, I'd we lost without vegemite and cheese sangers.
    I love the photos of the girls getting in and giving Dad a hand.

  8. You really can't beat lemonade scones sooo good !

  9. I love lemonade scones - I love vegemite with eggs and crumpets too but not on my scones!
    Fave afternoon baked thingy would be raspberry coconut slice.. or hazelnut slice (no baking involved just melting).. I think I got the recipe of Quiltsalott blog I think...

  10. hey you make your scones with a knife like me..........haven't done the lemonade ones........but scones sure are wonderful quick treat........
    scones sure area hit in my house.......

  11. I'm thinking that lemonade is a carbonated soft drink where you are, like 7-Up or Sprite. Am I right? (you were talking about bubbles in the scone mix.) Here in the States, lemonade is a drink made from lemon juice, water and sugar; very different from a carbonated soda. Probably would still work though. The scones would be more tart.

  12. hahahaha jodie must be the country in our men as mine does the same hahahahaha

  13. Jodie,

    Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely give it a try. But I really love the pink beanie on your little girl. Do you have a pattern for it, or can you tell me where to get it? It is adorable and so are your girls.

  14. I'll have to give that recipe a go... Sounds good.
    Have never made them with anything fizzy in the mix before.. I'm curious.

  15. We make cinnamon coffee cake... to be eaten with whatever.... tea, coffee or just nice cold milk while is nice and warm from the oven!
    Of course this isn't quite as portable as your scones... but it's pretty good! I send two pans of this off to work with my hubbie sometimes... hot from the oven. He says that it doesn't really have a chance to cool down before it's all eaten!
    Let me know if you want the recipe! :)

  16. Yum! They look great! Now I know what's going on with DH. He's Aussie through and through. LOL!
    My DS is tomato sauce on everything.

  17. Hey Jodie, I made the lemonade scones this afternoon, they turned out like rock cakes! I love scones but have never been able to make them... what am I doing wrong? I double sifted the flour, knifed the lemonade through, didn't over handle them... I'm thinking my oven isn't hot enough? The scones are getting brown on the top but aren't rising :o( HELP! toni xxx

  18. We were visiting friends this morning, so I roadtested your scone recipe. It is a winner. They didn’t last long at all. Thanks for sharing.


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