Monday, August 9, 2010

Instant Gratification.........

I'm loving using super chunky wool this Winter....
(hat made using cascade magnum - $22 per skein from my shop)
It works up so quickly which makes it perfect for those instant gratification projects....
(fabric covered button by me *^_^*)
From 1 x 250g skein I easily get 2 hats for my girls.....
This one is destined for my shop though....
I'm hoping it will be the perfect fit for a gorgeous little girl who lives just down the road from my shop...
Hugs........... Jodie xx-xx


  1. So cute... Love that colour for a girl. Hope it gets snapped up.

  2. It looks great Jodie, sure it wont last long in the shop! I always like navy on girls too.

  3. The hat is so cute
    But I have recently confirmed that working with anything beyond 8ply is just not me. I can do it, but I am not comfortable. I knew it with knitting and have just found the same with crochet

  4. What beautiful photos Jodie and of course I love the hat too !

  5. I love this hat-so cute and I love that wool too. I am enjoying working with thicker ply or doubling up wool for winter beanies. It is great for quickie projects to keep heads warm in the cooler weather.


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