Sunday, October 31, 2010

Counting Stripes.....

Miss Connie really does love when it's time to send sheep off to market and we usually find her right here...........Propped up next to the loading ramp, anxiously waiting to 'help' count the sheep onto the truck. 34, 22, 13, 17, 103.... For some reason her numbers just never seem to match Daddy's and for the life of me I don't know why... *wink*....
Thanks to the help of my Mum, and her fantastically fast knitting hands, this stripey 'mini-shawl' was finished in less than 24hrs....
It used just under 2x50g balls of Heirloom Alpaca, a 100% Australian product, gotta love that!!!! I can remember when stripes used to scare me, the thought of changing colours not to mention those oodles of dreaded ends to sew in at the end - EEEEKKKKK!!!! That was until I learnt to knit my yarn up as I go along, what a genius idea..... How do you work your stripes???


  1. The stripes look great - I work mine the same way:) And love the shot of Miss C waiting for the sheep - she will be a great helper for Dad when she can spell correctly:)

  2. can't imagine how he manages to keep count without her! I must say teh pics are lovely - what a girl! great stripes too - I suspect that is your shop in the background? Looks great!

  3. Looks like Connie's training is coming along just fine!! Love the stripes...where can I find the pattern for that one?! Kx.


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