Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Official!!!!!

Where have I been for the past, oh say, 5 YRS while the rest of the world has been delving into the big wide world of absolutely addictive Japanese crafting????
When I stumbled across this book last weekend I was instantly inspired.... Now having made 3 tops from the book I think it's only fair to say,
I'M TOTALLY HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this top is actually a dress, I've just tucked it into my skirt today for something different...)

The patterns and directions are written in Japanese, ONLY, so I was scared, really scared!!! But the patterns are well laid out and to be truthful I don't really think you need any instructions if you have basic dress-making skills....

So armed with some really cheap fabric I set to work trying my hand at my first Japanese pattern...

WOW!!!! These people really know how to write a pattern. It was so easy, not to mention quick... I made the size medium (measurements are given in cm's and this size suited me the best, apart from the fact the my hips were about 15cm bigger, gasp!!!!) only to find it was WAY TO TIGHT!!! What went wrong???? I'm assuming that I must have forgotten the seam allowances so with take 2 I added ample seam allowance and started again.... This time it was an absolutely perfect fit!!!

Have you ever crafted from a Japanese book before??? Got any good recommendations????


  1. Hi Jodie, My first Japanese craft book was a Cucito Magazine and I also became instantly addicted!! I have since purchased 3 more Japanese craft books! I have made my girls clothes, and I have a to-do list for Me!! Enjoy your new sewing adventures!!!

  2. Hi Jodie - I can only just about manage to sew in a straight line. I've got plenty of patterns waiting for me to start on - nothing as complicated as clothing though.

    Jill x

  3. The top looks great! I have a book on household items, that has now been translated - linen, wool and cotton I think its called. But just brilliant, why can't our books be so easy to understand?

  4. Wow Jodie that's good going. I feel in love with those books a while ago when my Japanese friend brought some back from a visit she had back home. I became quite fixated with the books & cut out a pattern in a sweet fabric to find out it was also a very small still filed away in my sewing cupboard. They seem to need a bit of tweaking for us buxom Aussie sheilas.

  5. Love the top/dress! I absolutely love the Japanese sewing books - I have a stack now. I just love looking through them, so inspiring! I'm yet to try and actually make something yet, but I will one day!

  6. i love the cotton time magazine. i have a japanese friend who comes over once a year and she always brings me some :)

  7. Love it! Hope the shop is going well for you.

  8. Well done and congratulations! I love Japanese pattern books but tend to use them only for inspiration - all those lines crossing over on the pattern drawings tend to do my head in!


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