Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Baked Bread....

As the days start to warm up I am frequently reminded of why I love this time of year so much!!!!
The garden is bursting at the seams with new life, little baby lambs dot my paddocks and the festive season count down has begun.... But most of all I love this time of year because of this........
For just over a week, during the cold days of Winter, DH works round the clock planting our crops. We then patiently wait for the days to become longer and the Sun to shine stronger, just so our red dirt paddock's can be transformed into luscious green wheat fields hopefully bringing with it precious income for the farm.....
Yesterday while on the hunt for Quangdong Trees we spotted our first hatching's of locust. Ever so mindful of the devastation these pests can bring we now have another side of mother nature to contend with... So with this weighing heavy on our minds we cross our fingers and hope for the best...
On another 'wheat' related subject, I'd so love to oneday be able to mill my own wheat into flour.... Nothing makes me feel more at home than the smell of freshly baking bread coming from the kitchen...
After my bread machine 'blew-up' just over 10 months ago I've been making bread by hand.... It took a little while to tweak a recipe that was just right for me and my family but now that I have it's a staple with fresh bread baked daily....
Have you ever done it before????? It's so rewarding turning a lump of dough like this.....
Into something as deliciously tasting as this.....
And no word of a lie, if you have a lovely Sunny spot on your bench top you can have oven fresh bread like this in less than 1 1/2 hours.... Believe me, it's true!!!

So if you'd like me to do a little tutorial of how I make my bread just share your interest in my comments and I'll pop it up in a post... :)


  1. Oh Jodie I am so worried for you with the locusts. Let's hope they leave you and your precious crops alone.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Yes, please a tutorial would be great. Crossing fingers for you for a good harvest. I went to parents last week and it is so devestating - worst crops I have seen for a while, lots of people won't harvest a thing.

  3. Hoping the locusts don't cause you grief this season. I despise them.

    Your bread looks delicious and a tutorial would be great. It is always good to get hints and tips from others that might help out.

  4. Oh goodness I do hope the locusts dont hit your farm, it would be devastating! The bread looks fantastic, would it work as bread rolls as I am considering making them on weekends for lunches.

  5. Home baked bread is the best. Charmaine

  6. I would love to hear more about how you bake your bread. I have only tried it once and it didn't turn out so great. Would love to have another crack at it. I have some homemade strawberry jam that would go great with it!!

    Wishing you a great crop this year.

    aeonie x

  7. hoping your crops get left alone.

    mmmmmmmmm home made bread....the BEST smell in the world.pity I cant eat it anymore...LOL

  8. Pleaseeeeeee! I love fresh baked bread and would love a tutorial. Thanks Jodie!

  9. your crop looks fantastic :)
    we checked ours yesterday and it is just flowering now after the frost the other morning (thank goodness).
    we have seen a couple of little hoppers here and there, but nothing like what is being reported up north, might be a few weeks off yet...fingers crossed for both of us hey
    i don't use my bread maker anymore, i prefer the taste of home made. i have a few recipes that i use, but would love to see yours.
    have a great week!

  10. Nothing beats the smwll of freshly baked bread - the old fashioned way too. My Mum has always baked her own bread and it was the best smell to come home from school to! Yours looks beautiful.

  11. Few things are as lovely as the smell of fresh baked bread!

  12. My husband has been to quite a few education sessions about the locusts with his work, it is looking really scary. I have my fingers crossed they leave you alone. We have fresh baked bread often, the smell of it baking and the taste is the best!

  13. I hope those pesky pest leave you alone.

    Your bread looks wonderful. Mmmm yum. I'm always on the look out for a good recipe. My sister used to put hers in the warm interior of the car for it to rise. Seat belt not required. Ha ha ha

  14. oh I know wat you mean about fresh bread and it jus tisn't te same from a bread machine. I have been making the 'artisan bread in 5 min a day' and it is amazing but would love to see your recipe as well. Looks beautiful.
    Hope the pests don't progress. waiting to see must be awful.

  15. Gorgeous looking bread... we're into baking sourdough here (obsessed in fact) but always happy to have a quick bread recipe for when we forget to get a sourdough started..

  16. Oh! Too bad your on the other side of the world..... I have a wheat grinder! Since our kids have grown and moved out... I don't seem to make bread as much as I used too. I used to make 7-8 loaves a week..
    and it always seemed to dissapear!
    LoL.... I have a huge stainless steel bowl and did it all by hand. I always figured that if I was going to make one loaf I may as well make a few more! Mostly cause the first time I ever made bread, (my dear MIL taught me) I made two loaves... DH came home and ate an entire loaf in one sitting! I was upset!!!! All that work... so after that I went from 2 to 4 and then 6 and 8. I got old bread pans at the local co-op shop. Nothing like home made bread! We did a lot of 1/2 white/ 1/2 wheat. What does your family like?

  17. Yes please would lurve your tutorial.

    Good wishes from across the ditch for a bountiful wheat harvest and minimal (if any) locust damage ... best of luck xx

  18. I would love your bread recipe, & I'm sure my family would love you to share it with me as well ;)It looks yummo.

    Hope the locusts bypass you!

  19. Ooohhh this bread looks Delish! Jayden has been asking me how to make bread for a while now. Would love to try this one out!
    Fingers crossed for healthy crops for you.

  20. Would love to know how you make your bread. I have just started making my own and I love it just needs a bit of tweeking to get it perfect!!


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