Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keeping Me Inspired.....

After a long crochet session with this gorgeous lady over the weekend I am now dreaming of the delicious linens that will accompany this burnt orange bodice once it's eventually finished.....
And how lucky am I that my very special friend came with an arm full of gorgeous books for me to peruse for the next week or 2....
I'm loving the Japanese craft one most of all and am so totally starting one of these sweet little Summer tops for myself, ASAP!!!!!
So now it's time to hit the fabric stash in search of the perfect fabric to match.....
Here's hoping you have a chance to be surrounded by people who keep you inspired some time this week too.... :)


  1. What fantastic Autumnal colours for the crochet. I love it when friends lend each other books. I left a message on the Mitten post would it be possible to have a copy of you pattern? My e-mail is poppycottage18@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you


  2. My sewing teacher is loving Japanese designs lately. Yes the cake was delicious. My husband and I love to cook and I was very proud that he wanted to do it all by himself. Hope you find the material. Charmaine

  3. Looks like a really fun project. Nice color transitions in your yarn choice. Glad you got a chance to stop by and see the photos of the fingerless gloves I made using your pattern. They really are a fun knit. Thanks again! Karen

  4. nice books - i haven't seen those ones. i love to buy books but sometimes i feel a little guilty - so i make sure i lend them out to as many people as possible and that way i can justify the purchase :)


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