Friday, January 28, 2011

25% Off and a Little Stitch 'n' Bitch.....

I knew when Molly arrived from Alana it wouldn't be long before I was knitting it for my girls too. And guess what??? I might even have to knit one for myself!!!! This pattern's sizing goes all the way up to Large Adult - AWESOME!!!! (I am now stocking this pattern at 'Jellywares on Marshall', email me if you're interested)
I don't currently stock the yarn that Alana calls for in the pattern so I substituted it with some of the divine Debbie Bliss 4ply Rialto which I do have in stock. This 100% extra fine Merino Wool is squishy and silky smooth and is by far one on my favourites by Debbie Bliss....
So if you're yet to give this gorgeous Wool a try, pop into 'Jellywares on Marshall' as it's 25% off, with any Pattern purchase, from today until the 15th of Feb.

Also, if you're in Cobar tomorrow we're having a little 'Stitch n Bitch' at 15 Marshall St from 2pm to 6pm. It's free and all you have to bring is yourself and a yarn-y project to work on... I'd love to see you there!!!!


  1. I do love the hat and the pattern is so pretty. If I lived sloser I would come on Saturday :0)

  2. Very cute pattern. I wish I lived near such a fabulous store as yours!

  3. Love the hat. She looks so very hot and flustered - not the weather to wear one :-)

  4. Oh Jodie, I missed your Stitch n Bitch day. Would have been great. Hope the air cond works well. LOL!
    Love your latest projects and the little dresses are just gorgeous.


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