Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Auction...

I've been watching the Queensland Flood Devastation on the news over the past couple of days with tear-y eyes. I'm fearful of what the next 24hrs will bring the residents of Queensland, especially when the river is predicted to peak at 4am in the morning...
These poor, poor communities that have an extremely long road to recovery ahead of them after the peak of the river water subsides... There is currently 43 people still missing and 12 people confirmed dead....
So when local blogger, Kylie, emailed me today to ask if I could pop on over to her blog to check out the yarn auction she was hosting to raise funds for the flood effected residents of Queensland I couldn't load her blog page up fast enough....
I'm such a yarn junkie and this beautiful skein of 70% super-wash merino/30% sea cell she has up for auction will make the perfect accompliment to my 'yarn stash'...
I love the fact that the funds used to purchase this yarn will be going directly to the people who need it most through a donation on the Queensland Government Telethon website...
So if you'd like to make a bid on this gorgeous yarn to contribute to the Queensland Flood Appeal just pop on over here and place your bid... :)
These 2 blogs (here and here) have auction's on at the moment too, also raising funds for Queensland...


  1. Thanks Jodie I've been blog hopping and bidding all over the place....such awful news we have to do what we can to help. Hope you guys are OK.

  2. The river didnt peak to where they thought it would. Its lower than the last floods in 1974 which is good. There are still lots of homes and the city is unindated but spirits are up as lots of people had time to prepare. We are just waiting for the water to recede so we can start the clean up and greave the loss from the freak inland tsunami at Toowoomba. Im close to the river but will stay dry. Its lovely to see all the support that is coming through on blogs. Blessings!

  3. Ah yes, the auctions & raffles are a wonderful way to help & donate, i've got two big ones live on my blog too. Love Posie

  4. Very nice .. I will share with my friends. Thanks

  5. Its really tough when you know something very bad is coming at you and you are not able to do anything. Its just the common sense that will keep you safe.

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  7. I'm from QLD and the flood was terrible just about 400m down the street. I got some auctions up at it's a local ipswich site.


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