Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Had To!!!!

This morning I woke ever so early, eager to spend some '1 on 1' time with a special little lady....
You see, with skeins and skeins of delicious yarn surrounding me these days it's hard not to be seduced into yet another knitting project, leaving my poor neglected sewing machine to sit and collect dust.... So, at the start of this week I made a date, I had to!!! If I didn't write it down, book it in so to speak, it was never going to happen.....
'Janone Jan' and I spent 2 glorious hours together and look and what we accomplished.....
3 super cute little dresses......
All wrapped and ready for the giving.....
Have you been making any special dates lately???


  1. No I haven't made a date with the sewing machine but I need to. I have been knitting away at another pair of socks for winter.

  2. Those dresses are very sweet Jodie and they look cool too. Perfect for the current weather.
    My sewing machine has suffered a little neglect since Christmas but we are going to make up for lost time next week when school is back in.

  3. Oh Jodie those dresses are adorable, I love them! I will have a date with a Janome, did you see that I won the raffle over on The Red Thread!!!!

  4. These are very sweet. I love the little piggy material :0)
    Knitting seems to have my full attention at the moment. And, this year I plan on knitting more items for myself, rather than presents for others (some of which don't really appreciate handmade anyway).

  5. Those are adorable Jodie! And I saw a sneaky-peek of that little green sweater -- it's TOOOO cute too!

  6. Looks like you had a great date! Colorful fabrics and yarns are one of the best cures for gray January days, so we get together everyday.

  7. they look great...........hoping to get some sewing done today.........dresses look great.........I have some of that pink piggy fabric..........must find it.......


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