Friday, January 14, 2011

Take 2...

I loved how quickly my first 'Spring Garden Tee' flew off the needles that I couldn't help but cast on for another one S T R A I G H T - A W A Y....
This time I used the 80% cotton/20% wool blend yarn Sierra by Cascade (I currently sell this yarn in my shop for $9.50 per 100g skein). I made the size 3 month and had about 5g to spare from a 100g skein. So that means that this little Tee cost me less than $10 to make, now that's a bargain!!!!!
I really love how the little lace-y details on the sleeves creates an almost ruffled effect when finished....
This little pattern was/is such a joy to knit that I can't wait to cast it on yet again, this time for my Miss Connie in the size 3....

If you're interested in a copy of this pattern I am currently selling them. Contact me via email for more details.... Also, don't forget to enter my 'Debbie Bliss' giveaway here for your chance to win some of the delicious yarn that I made my first Spring Garden Tee with........


  1. Another gorgeous tee! I love Alana's patterns too.

  2. Hi Jodie,
    It is so adorable. Do you think I could attempt this pattern if I don't know how to knit? I am great at crochet, just haven't learnt to knit... bit scared but would love to attempt to make this if it isn't too hard for a beginner.

  3. Beautiful :-) Maybe I should make my neices one each?

  4. Oh how I love quick knits. This is such an adorable little girls tee. The color and softness makes it really special.

  5. I just love the content of this article and want to thank you for the same ...

    thanls alot :)

  6. It's beautiful and the colour is soft and so pretty. xo

  7. Oh so this one fairly easy? As in, can a fairly new knitter make this?


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