Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Little Mil-Mil.....

2 years ago today we welcomed a special little girl into this world at 12:30am....
She had a gorgeous head of copper-y hair and the tiny-est little kissable lips I'd ever seen....
We named her Millie Rose but now she is know as 'Little Mil-Mil'....
She is ever so generous with her contagious smiles...
And will talk your ear off if given half the chance....
Her favourite thing to do is sit outside and soak it all up
with her many feline friends....
She loves being poked and prodded...
And doesn't even mind helping out in the sheep yards now and then....
We've taken her on many a road trip....
And she always manages to smile through the heat of a long and exhausting day out at a clearing sale....
She loves crusin' round the farm checking on the stock
and it's a real hoot when Dad lets her drive....
She loves exploring on the motorbikes
and is happy just 'hanging-out' in the shearing shed while everyone else gets down to work...
But the one thing that our 'Little Mil-Mil' loves most of all is her big sister Connie....
And you know what.... Connie loves her just as much!!!
So, Happy B'day Mil-Mil!!!! We couldn't imagine a moment of our lives without you. You're our special little girl and we love you so very much... xx


  1. She is adorable! Happy Birthday to her.

  2. I Can't Believe it's been 2yrs Jodie...omg how that time has flown...she is pretty cute I must say...
    Happy Birthday Millie Rose....

  3. Happy Birthday Mil-Mil!!!!!!!

  4. Wishing Millie Rose a very
    Happy Birthday.

  5. She is precious, what a blessing you have been given. Happy Birthday to little Mil Mil....{{HUGS}}

  6. happy birthday to an adorable little girl!

  7. She is a cutie ! Happy Birthday to her :0)

  8. That Millie Rose is one gorgeous girl. And she shares a birthday with my big boy Jayden - who was nine this year! Doesn't time fly?! Happy Birthday sweet Millie.

  9. happy birthday...........time sure does fly........

  10. Happy Birthday Mil Mil! I cant believe she is already 2. She is such a cutie!

  11. Happy Birthday Millie. You are absolutely gorgeous.

  12. happy birthday little Mil-Mil,
    we hope u had a fantastic day.
    hip hip hooray!!!!!

    bec cain

  13. Wow, that has gone fast! both girls look gorgeous.

  14. wow I must not have checked in for awhile now... because both those girls of yours are so big now!
    crazy crazy

    really cute story jodie...

    happy birthday miss millie!

  15. A beautiful photo diary of your gorgeous little girl on her Birthday. Big wishes from me. Both girls have grown up SO fast. Look forward to keeping up with your family for many more years.xx

  16. Happy belated birthday to Little Mil-Mil! Gosh, how gorgeous is she? *Almost* makes me want another baby ;-)

  17. Oh Mil Mil! Happy Birthday! Such a cutie, hope you had the best time celebrating her special birthday! I'm sure Miss Connie would have loved it too!



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