Saturday, July 2, 2011

Have You?????

I've had this little cardi off the needles for quite some time now and thought it was high time that I shared my version with you all....
cypress 3
The pattern is 'Liesl' by Ysloda ($6 from my shop), the yarn is Malabrigo Worsted ($11.40 from my shop also) in the almost black colour-way 'Cypress' and the needles are 8mm's.
cypress 2
This is the second Liesl I've made but my first with sleeves (well if you can call them sleeves at this length - right??? LOL!!!)
cypress 4
I just love this pattern!!! It only took 2 skeins of yarn to make up, can you believe it????
It's construction is one of my fav's - top down and seamless. The sleeve stitches are placed onto some waste yarn so you can continue with the body section. After casting off the body the sleeves are then worked in the round too - just what I like!!!

One of the things I love most about this pattern is that no matter how many completed version's I see, I'm yet to come across 2 that look the same. There are heaps of variations for this pattern which makes it a versatile knit for all ages, sizes and tastes....

Have you knit a Liesl yet???!!!!


  1. Wow you look great in your liesl. Are you going to be selling Ysolda's new book by any chance. I havent had a chance to see if you have updated your shop or not as yet.

  2. It looks great on you and the black is stunning with the red blouse. The one thing nice about black is that it goes with any other color.

  3. looks fabulous! I guess it was quite quick to knit too on 8mm needles, do like to knit something that does 'grow' quickly - I'm so impatient!

  4. I love it Jodie :) I know nothing about kniting but think you are very clever & creative!

  5. Wonderful! I love the classy! And those buttons are just great!


  6. It looks fab, and I'm loving the idea of no seaming. I've never knit a Ysloda pattern, nor done a 'top down' knit. Perhaps I should give this pattern a go. It's great that it only took 2 skeins too :0)

  7. what a fabulous cardi - so nice for spring (or to be honest some of our winter days). I love a fast knit - so gratifying :)

  8. Jodie,
    I'm intrigued to try making up a Liesl after seeing yours.
    Really stunning!

  9. I like it with the sleeves, very nice! :-)

  10. love it! man, I haven't stopped by your blog in ages but you are a knitting machine! I would love to try just one knit for myself and finish it and you have oodles!
    well done!


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