Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nothing beats the smooth silky texture of fresh home grown eggs - poached and served on top of fresh picked greens for lunch is our favourite way to eat them at the moment.home 1
Are you a hoarder???? Well when it comes to chairs I guess you could say I am... I picked these 4 up for $9 at a clearing sale over the weekend.
home 2
The yellow one would have to be my favourite for sure! With a good clean, a few repairs, a bit of a sand and a generous rub down with some good ol' bees wax these will look good as new... Don't you think???
The knitting needles are still running hot and the start of last week saw the completion of this little hat for a friend at the WCMA. <span class=
I was so thrilled to walk into her office on Wednesday this week to her sitting there proudly wearing this sweet little hat. Robyn - you look absolutely gorgeous in it....


  1. Those chairs are real beauties.And as always your knitting is amazing.
    My chooks are laying once again - so it was poached today for the kids.

  2. My daughter Emily, was making lemon tarts the other day and she asked me what was going on with the eggs because they were all pale and it meant that her tarts didn't have a beautiful golden curd. I had to admit to her that they were store bought eggs....still free range, but store bought. Even she could tell the difference!! Home made eggs are amazing :)
    love your chairs - we could do with a few more here!!

  3. Lovely post Jodie, you cant beat fresh eggs. Great chairs...they could tell a few stories! As usual your knitting looks amazing :)

  4. The yellow is my favourite too Jodi. Really loved your "boxes on my verandah" pics in the previous post too BTW.

  5. Score! Great chairs and yes, the yellow one has such a great shape. Do post pics of 'after' they receive some love. I'm hopping over to look at that amazing hat pattern, your color choice really makes the stitch definition stand out, just beautiful. p.s. the eggs pic is making me hungry...

  6. What a great buy Jodie, I love old chairs they have so much charm and character. You look super in that hat too by the way, the red is very pretty. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. I don't know how you do it all!?!?!
    You're amazing! The eggs look great and am I to take it that NSW is New South Wales? Are you saying it is winter there or am I getting my posts confused...I have been jumping around a lot here as I we have the same interests but of course I'm old enough to be your Mother and don't have that kind of energy anymore! LOL! I live in Arkansas, U.S.A. and it was 95 degrees here today! HOT!!
    Love the chairs! What a deal! 4 for $9.00....and they are beauties! And the eggs too! You are inspiring me! Give those beautiful children all a big hug for me! What a great Mother you are!

  8. Love those chairs. Especially the yellow one too. . . and such a bargain!!

  9. Hello!did you get the chairs from Dunlop? I wanted to come and say hello at your shop but couldnt find it,SIL informed me location on Tuesday as I was leaving Cobar but it so not the right day for you to be open! Maybe next time!

  10. I love the chairs - and such a bargain! I'm assuming the hat was on the wonderful Robyn Goonrey's head - I used to work with Robyn when the WCMA was a committee, and then a board ... I miss Cobar. I love reading your blog for a crafty dose of the bush!


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