Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plans Change....

Today we had plans of heading to the 'big smoke' for a couple of days. We were going to eat out at a nice restaurant, for lunch and dinner, and even do a little retail therapy (I know, I know it's only Bunnings but - I'm currently painting the outside of my house and need supplies)....
water 1
Well, our plans changed a bit and here we are still hanging out on the farm doing our usual chores. Watering some old ewe's locked up in a paddock, mending torn work clothes, spending time in the veggie patch, entertaining 2 adventurous little girls, repairing DH's busted sheep truck,
water 2
and amongst it all finding some down time for a little more crochet...
jug 3
Getting the chance to whip a few more jug covers up - adding rusty bells to the edge, instead of buttons, for something a little different...

You know, as much as I was looking forward to getting away, I really do love just hanging out on the farm... Even if I'm eating lamb chops on the BBQ for dinner at the end of the day, instead of a meal in a restaurant...


  1. You tend to appreciate treats such as 'eating out' even more when you dont do it very often I reckon Jodie :) Beautiful photos!

  2. I love your change of plans. The city will always be there and there's still tomorrow. I love the rusty bells on your crochet, very cute. xo

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog (collecting leaves). i love yours. i also envy you living on a farm. what a charmed life! :)

    ps. i love the rusty bells!

  4. oh well, there's another day.
    I love a good lamb chop on the BBQ.
    We choose not to eat out much these days, unless someone offers to take me to the Breakfast Creek Hotel (iconic BrisVegas Hotel if you are unfamiliar with Brisbane)

  5. Sounds to me your day's plans changed for the better.

  6. Nothing wrong with spending the day at home where you can let down your hair and just be yourself. I look at the pics of your children and see little clones of you, lol. They look happy to be tending their little critters and breathing the country air. I have never had lamb chops, only pork chops, lol....but anything on the grill sounds great.

  7. Lovely pictures and that kitty is so cute (so is the little Miss)!

  8. farm time = good times. They girls look happy and adorable...what more could you ask for?! x

  9. For me, it is the idea of going away that is appealing. Planning and dreaming. When it actually happens, all I want to do is go home to my wee farm.
    Though a restaurant meal is great every now and then.

  10. Hi Jodie, days at home are so treasured at our house. We love nothing more than just tending to home, pottering, making, fixing and just being together. I grew up in 'the big smoke' and loving that we got smart and got out. As for your lamb chops, I am guessing they would be better than any restaurant would serve up to you. hmmmmm enjoy.


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