Thursday, July 21, 2011

Switched Off!!!!

On Sunday, around midday, my trusty 9 year old computer decided to bite the bullet and refused to fire up... So for the past 5 days we've been 'switched off' from the world - no emails, no blogs, no Internet, nothing!!!!

Now we're facing the frustrating battle of trying to recover all of those important things that are trapped inside our lifeless old computer as we place it in the hands of a technician..... I'm in town today trying to catch up on my fav blogs and reply to as many emails as I possibly can.... Has your computer ever decided to bite the bullet??? What did you do???

Thankfully I've had some knitting to keep me sain with the completion of a super squishy cardi (thanks again for your help with this one Mum)........

iced 1

This one is for a friend so is extra special... I love the chunky Cascade 128 yarn that she chose and the delicious cappuccino colourway is super scrum-y too... The pattern was 'Iced' and I used mega 8mm needles and followed the size 38' bust instructions to fit a size 10 woman.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm in love with your sweater.
    I'm hoping you recover your precious files/photos from your computer. I've had one go down and there was no recovery. So frustrating.

  2. Oh dear!

    I MUST learn from your lesson.

    My computer is dying a slow and painful (for me) death. I've been procrastinating buying an Imac because I don't want the hassle of transferring it all, but the thought of loosing it all pains me.

    I have had a computer crash and eat all of it's contents up.

    No fun.

    No fun at all.


  3. Oh how frustrating with the computer. There is a lesson there for me.
    But it seems you haven't wasted the time- lovely cardy and like the chunkiness.

  4. Sorry about the computer. Mine did the same last November and I have been using the library and a borrowed (temperamental)laptop ever since.

    I love the cardi.It looks so comfy.

  5. Yes, my laptop died on me a little while a go, I lost quite a lot of stuff. My other half despaired because I hadn't taken the time to back up on the hard drive he gave me. I've learned my lesson, and (try to) remember to back up as often as possible.
    That's a lovely cardie you've knit for your friend - the colour is lovely. Did it knit up quite quickly?

  6. My computer dies 2 months ago, but I knew it was on the way out so nothing was lost.

    I also back up fully once a month so would not lose much if this one crashed unexpectedly.

    There are too many precious memories stored here for me to want to risk losing it all.

    Hope you get your files back.

  7. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with our computers. But the truth is once it dies on you, you realize how much you depended on it. I have so many things bookmarked that it would sadden me to think it was all for nothing. I need to learn how to backup all my files. The sweater is lovely. I have yet to see anything that you make that isn't.

  8. Should of had a hard drive Jode!! Hope you can get everything back! Still, 9 years is great going for a computer.

    I wish I was that "special friend"... I love that jumper, I have to come in for knitting lessons soon!!

  9. I need a pretty jumper just like that, I wish I could I knit like you.

    I'm sorry to hear about your computer, how frustrating and worrying. I hope you recover all the important things like photos off your computer. x

  10. You poor girl... I had it happen not very long ago too. Lost most of my work, lucky I had saved most of it and thank god I have a blog and facebook where I could get the photos back from. Not to self... back up my computer again tonight. I have an external hard drive....


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