The Big Smoke...

Here's some pics of my bibs I've been making for the local craft markets which are in a couple of weeks. I've made 25 all up and although you can't tell they all have plastic over the top fabric to make them more durable. They're totally reversible and hopefully they'll sell like hotcakes!!
I know that when my little princess was born all I wanted was some funky looking bibs and now I have some with the added bonus that they're 100% homemade. Hopefully other mothers will love them too.

DH and I are on our way to the 4WD and Camping Expo in Melbourne this afternoon and I just can't wait.... Not for the expo but to go SHOPPING in the Big Smoke!! I've been dreaming about all of the lovely fabric and craft shops that I'll be able to find. We'll be staying at Dandenong so if anybody knows of anything crafty near by leave me a comment to let me know.
Here's a great link for all of you parents out there with MESSY little ones just like mine!!! It's for a splat mat made with this gorgeous laminated cotton fabric in Dick and Jane prints.
Have a great weekend everybody!!!


  1. thanks for the comment! I love it when i get new ones.
    we're off to Melbourne tomorrow - I can't wait.
    Love the bibs - I'll be back to visit your blog again!!

  2. Great bibs !!!
    I'm sure they will sell like hotcakes !!

  3. Wowee!
    They are fabulous.... I reckon they'll sell alright!

    I love craft markets..

  4. Those funky bibs are so cool!Hope you had fun shopping in the Big Smoke!

  5. Cute bibs! I don't think you will have a problem selling those!


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