Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yes that's right.... It's my 26th b'day today. I can't believe it!!! This year has just flown by and I have an enormous amount of memories placed in my basket (my crazy mind) because of it, some bad but mostly fantastic!

I'm not a religious person but on days like these, when I'm surrounded by ones that I love and that love me equally if not more in return, I can't help but be ever so thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful life. There are so many people out there in unfortunate circumstances longing for a life half as ordinary as mine.

I've been so spoilt today in every way possible. When I arrived at work this morning my big sis Abby had a huge banner plastered over the fence reading 'Happy B'day JoJo', it even had balloons hanging of it and everything. The smile that it put on my face for the rest of the day was priceless... Then she made me a delicious breaky of fairy bread, choc coated bananas, strawberries & cream and yogurt.... Yummmmmmm!!!!

Here's the book that she got me for my b'day... I just love it!!!! There's so many projects in it I don't know where to start. Maybe here...Or here.....Or here looks really good too....What do you think? She had it wrapped up in this really sweet home made bag.
She also made me one of these cute headbands. This is just what one person gave me so you can only imagine just how spoilt I'vebeen.

On the craft front I've been sewing like crazy making a heap of bibs to sell at the local markets which are in a couple of weeks. They look really great!! I'll post some pics of them for everyone tomorrow. Until then that's about it from me...



  1. "Happy Birthday to You" etc etc etc
    Sounds like you had a lovely day and would loved to have seen the sign at work.
    Nice when family go to all that trouble.
    Hope you have a lovely evening.

  2. Happy Birthday!! ^_^ And here's to many more! Have an awesome day today!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Your day sounds absolutely wonderful!

  4. I am glad you had a great day Jode.... we really loved sharing it with you..... ummmmmm I think I want that book back...hehe it really is too cute.... happy crocheting.
    luv Abby

  5. A bit late but a Big Happy B'day anyway sounds like you had a great day!!!!
    That book looks verrry interesting!!!!

  6. Oh I wish I knew it was your birthday - anyway i hope this is the bestest bestest day ever- you deserve to feel all that love with all the love you share. Soak it up !

  7. Thankyou all so very much for the lovely b'day wishes!!

  8. Happy birthday! The book looks wonderful!

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Jodes :-)
    Sounds like you got spoilt rotten - just as it should be!
    Hope your trip to Melbourne was a good one and you stocked up on lots of goodies.

    What is your actual postal address? you know the days off before your birthday i was all set and i had i few ideas to make it special for you. but i dont know what happened the morning of the 3rd. im sorry. but it sounds like big sis came to the bar and made your day very special. im glad you had a fun day and got lots of goodies. hope to catch up on the return trip from the big smoke!


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