Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How did you spend your Sunday????

It was a beautiful Sunday morning so we decided to go visit my Dad at his property over on the river near Louth. We got about 80km out of town on a back road, 50km from Dad's place and this is what happened.....
We were bogged for 6 HOURS!!!! It was a long 16km walk in the heat to the closest farm house to get someone to help pull us out. Who would of thought, we've travelled on this road hundreds of times and never been bogged, but on Sunday there must of been just the right amount of rain and we must of travelled on just the wrong patch of road and what do you know.... We got bogged!!

It took 2 4wd's and a very long chain to finally move our car..... The 4wd's pulled.....
And they pulled......
And they FINALLY pulled us out....
Have you ever been stuck in the mud with your family before?? I'd love to hear about it if you have..... There's nothing better then looking back on situations like these and having a real good laugh. I can tell you now, DH won't be living this one down for a LONG time....

Although my crafting mogo hasn't been restored to its full capacity since returning from my Xmas adventure I did manage to sew up a couple of sets of coasters . This set is for a swap that I joined in on last week..... I bought both of these gorgeous fabrics from Spotlight at Wagga and have been dying to use them ever since but haven't found the perfect project. After checking out my swap partner I thought that they'd be right up her alley, fingers crossed I'm right.... I put the black leaf print on the back to hopefully help hide dirt that they'll pick up off the table. I also whipped up these ones for a beautiful lady I met a few years ago through a local patchwork group in rural VIC. She was a real inspiration to me when I lived in that area and I miss her dearly. I must make the trip back over that way to say 'hi' soon....For these ones I used the fabric that I bought from Japan. Navy on the back and cream on the front. I stitched ric-rac into the border of both sets of coasters, I love the extra dimension it gives....I was thinking about doing a quick tutorial for these coasters, what do you think??? They're super easy and super quick, in total 30-40 minutes from start to finish, tops....

The four seasons winter quilt swap deadline is fast approaching and thankfully after a night at the sewing machine Saturday night I'm now 3/4's finished.All that's left to do is hand sew down the binding and attach a label.... For a change this time I decided to hand quilt instead of machine quilt. It's hard to put together colour combo's for each of the seasons but I think I captured the warmth of winter with this one... What do you think?That about wraps it up for today everybody.... Happy crafting ;)


  1. yikes, snakes, being bogged...are you sure you want to stay there ;) Kidding, it looks wonderful...apart from the car in water. I love rural Australia and I'd move there any time, if only my city boy could be convinced ;)

    I really like the first set of coasters, how cute is the fabric...

  2. Bummer about being bogged but I'm sure you'll laugh about it in the end! I have that cute children's fabric - the colours are unusual aren't they. Don't you love pin wheels - I like that you have several on your winter quilt and the hand quilting makes it look really cosy. Good on you for nearly finishing - mine has yet to be constructed but the idea is finally together.

  3. oh my goodness, I haven't read your blog in a while and I come back to snakes and being bogged. YIKES!! Good to know you are safe and sound now, though.

    I love all the crafting you have been doing, and I wish I had seen that coaster swap before. I just made some coasters this past weekend on a whim, and they were so fun to make.

    I love the quilt you made for the swap, too. It's so funny to me to think of winter as warm, especially after having the coldest weekend ever, where it was dangerous to be outside for more than fifteen minutes. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, nice job!! Lovely, as usual!

  4. What an adventure jodie !
    I love the ric rac on the coasters and the dark leaf print - our spotlight didn't have that colourway last time I visited .
    Snakes ! Booged cars!! Life is sure exciting up there.

  5. Great Photos!!!
    One Question!
    Did you try letting the tires down a bit,sometimes it helps to get traction.....
    Yep been bogged too,Hubby ridiculed a tiny bit(quietly..) it was dark and I KNOW that there were wild dogs in the area! Hubby walked back to the house to get another the ute and we went back next day to get it!I was wee bit spooked,only had one son at the time,LOL

  6. Oh I recognise that 4WD. You poor things, what turned out to be a day with your Dad turned out to be a day in the mud.
    Love your coasters and I'm sure everyone would love a tutorial especially with attaching the ric-rac. Love your fabrics. xx

  7. I love the fabric on your coasters, for the swap! So cute, I think your partner will be very happy :)

  8. i spent part of yesterday trying to push my boyfriend's truck out of the snow (until eureka, i told him he should do the pushing and i would do the driving!). as my aching body told me this morning, getting stuck is no fun! glad you made it out alright. & love the blog. :)

  9. lol.lol.lol........takes me back to being bogged just before school finished........so who was driving you or dh......lol.........lucky everything was ok.........

  10. I remember when I was young we got bogged on the beach. My dad always liked to find secluded spots and then drive down on to the beach where he and mum would go skinny dipping (I'm got of the mortification of this- but only just). Anyway, one time near Carpenter's rocks we got bogged and it took forever to get out and I was so freaked (I was 8 at the time). I think I still have issues with sand.

    Glad to hear you got out. Love your coasters. Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon.


  11. WOW..... thats a whole lot of water and mud....
    I love everything. I would luv to see a tuturial I haven't got the hang of the ricrac thing yet....
    luv AB

  12. Oh wow - Your weekends are being filled with adventures at the moment aren't they. But look at the positives - at least there was enough water lying on the road to GET bogged! We haven't had decent rain in so long - it was a lovely (cool) change!

    Can't tell you about getting bogged - I am sure that it will happen soon enough - But does flat tyres rate - The last one was while 4x4ing on our honeymoon - LOL - just the way to impress a new bride!

    And the coasters look great - Hope that you get your sewjo back soon!

  13. Oh, not fun! It is good that you found some help to get out!

    The coasters are cute!

  14. Oh Dear! We did get bogged once years ago near Menindee on the way to Broken Hill. My mum used to be a kinder teacher so she took the opportunity between pushing to collect some clay to take back for the children.

    As for the craftys, very nice! Xxx

  16. Oh you poor things!And that was quite a walk! Lucky DD was driving, that would normally be something I would do! It really is wet up your way.
    I had labels like that and can't get new ones here, I'll check the link, there is something so finished about your own label.
    The quilt swap quilt and pencil roll are gorgeous...go girl!! Tracey

  17. Wow! I haven't checked with you in a while...

    That's a lot of mud!!!! too funny...

    How scary...a snake in your home...OMG!!!

    Love your coasters - you are always soooo creative :)

    I've tagged you - come to my blog for details.... ;)

  18. It must be the season for being bogged. We were too over the holidays! (Although no where near as impressive as yours). A coaster tutorial would be great! Cheers

  19. Oh no! I hate getting booged - it used to happen a bit when we were in the Kimberley, but that was before kids.

  20. I've been stuck in the snow many times. One time my dad was driving me to school when I was little and we drove into a big sheet of ice and did a full donut. It was fun being in the car but really it was quite scary and dangerous in reality.


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