Monday, January 7, 2008

New Beginings....

WOW!!!!! Where have the past 3 weeks gone? It feels like only yesterday I was busily crafting away for Xmas and now I'm a week into a new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY I hope that you all bought it in with a bang as I know I sure did!!!!!

DH took the little princess and I up north to Moreton Island for 2 weeks over Xmas, hence the lack of posts on my poor neglected blog. We enjoyed a well needed break but are really appreciating being back home. Remind me to never travel at this time of year again the traffic is just horrible!!!!

With all of my crafting madness over the last month I've neglected to sit down and smell the roses. So with the new year comes some new beginnings, I've decided to try and make time for the small things this year like sitting down and reading a book or just laying on the grass and watching the clouds roll by. Don't get me wrong I'll still be crafting like crazy but I think a bit of reflective time needs to be thrown into the equation from time to time too.

I have a few new restoration projects that I would love to complete this year one being an old antique desk that my Mum gave me and another which is a bit of a secret at the moment. Yes the second project that I have in the pipe line has something to do with the big news I'm dying to tell you all!! Only a couple more weeks and I promise I'll let the cat out of the bag....
Every year I grow most of my own veges, it's so rewarding and the flavours are just amazing. Here's what I picked from my garden for dinner last night.From left to right we have Italian parsley, Chinese basil, tomatoes, apple cucumber and silver beet.... I made a big omelet style quiche with a tomato, cucumber and balsamic vinegar salad on the side, YUMMY!!!!

This Xmas we welcomed a new member into our family. Meet our new little boy Ginger.....Yes Ginger is the cat not my feral little princess. LOL... This pic was taken at Granny's house on the weekend. Is it just me or can you see a beautiful friendship in the making too?? I'm a definite cat lover and think that they make wonderful pets. Ginger is toilet trained, thank goodness and will be an inside/outside cat. At the moment he lives in the laundry and comes out when we are all at home to keep an eye on him this is only until he finds his feet and then he will have a free reign over the place, by that time I think we'll be needing a cat flap.

O.K...... I can't do a post without at least 1 bit of crafting goodness!!! I thought that I'd try to design my very own handbag as a gift for my sister for Xmas this year. I knew that she'd get a kick out of the fact that I did the whole thing myself from scratch, pattern and all... It was a bit of a nightmare and I'll definitely use a print on the outside next time instead of a solid colour, this should help to hide the flaws that I make, gasp...... All in all I think that it looks just fine and by the look on Abby's face when she received it I think that she really loved it too.

I'm so glad to be back and am really looking forward to catching up on every one's blogs...


  1. Hi Jodie, Of course she would love it - it looks great. It must be nice having a crafty sister, you can inspire each other and borrow and share tips.

  2. Great bag and clever you! I am just about to embark on the family holiday tomorrow. Enjoy catching up on all the bloggers news.

  3. happy new year........nice bag and can I guess what the news is.......

  4. love the vegies mine have been going well toooo

  5. Love your new little man, my daughter would be envious.
    And hasn't your little princess changed and grown up so much.
    Love the PURPLE bag and how game are you to make something from scratch.
    I was wondering if I had missed the big news. Lucky I'm not holding my breathe, oh pleeaassseeee tellllll usssss !!!!

  6. Happy New Year Jodie and welcome back! How yummy do those veggies look - so nice to just grab them fresh from the garden. Hmmm, you've got me thinking about that news....... Well done on the bag - I bet she was thrilled.

  7. ohhhh my look at that beautiful purple bag..... I just luv it.
    Welcome back.
    luv Ab

  8. I love the bag!
    Yay! Another crafty Ozzy!
    May I add you too my Links list? Xxx

  9. welcome home! i've missed reading your blog.
    love your veggies - ours don't look any where near as good as those.
    love the bag too - very clever.
    the new addition to your family - i'm a cat lover too! and i especially love little tiny kittens. your gorgeous girl is going to have fun with him!

  10. Merry Christmas and A happy New Year to you and your little family!

    Yes I can see a lovely friendship forming between your little miss and the ginger one!

    I think that I need to sit back and smell the roses so to speak (if only I had them to smell LOL) Have fun watching the clouds - hope they bring more rain for you!

  11. Well done on the garden produce. I am not harvesting as much as I should be. However what I am is beyond the usual supermarket quality and is most satisfying.

    I hsve just planted some Apple Cucumber and am watching the seedlings grow strongly. They are growing alongside some Lebanese Cucumber, so soon I should be cucumbered out! I can only hope so.

  12. Ohh - those veggies look so nummy!!!

    We have about 4 feet of snow - so - I want to reach out and touch and smell those fresh veggies.

    Love the bag - you amaze me with all your talent...

    Cute kitty...

    Happy knitting and Happy New Year back atcha!


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