I'm Finally Back!!!!

I'm sorry it's been so long but I'm finally back!! I don't know where my time seems to be going lately but before I knew it I was in full renovation mode, moving house and tending to our new merino ewe's lambing whilst still trying to work full-time and be a mother to my almost 2 year old... (o.k. that's enough of the whining)
But yes, I'm still here and eager to get my new sewing room set up so I can whip up some new curtains for my new bathroom... Can you all remember me telling you about our bathroom Reno's?? Well we're 'almost' finished..... Here's DH bogging up a few more holes (that whole wall was one great big hole, an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!)... Here I am water proofing the soon to be 'new shower'.....
This pic is of the floor and most of the skirting all tiled and ready to be grouted....
And here is the bathroom all but finished... This weekend we're putting the new light fitting up and installing the shower screen which will be one of those frame less one's that look absolutely super slick, well that's what the sales assistant told me anyway... LOL!!!
It seems to of taken forever for this bathroom to fall into place but I'm just so happy that I can now actually shower in it... You see DH and I were going to get a builder to do the bathroom for us which would of taken half the time but we decided to do it ourselves. The money we saved doing it ourselves will go towards builders remodeling the kitchen... So far we've saved $15,000, isn't that fantastic??? So now my original budget of $50,000 for a new kitchen has risen to $65,000. You gotta be happy with that!!!

So if all goes according to plan we'll be staring the kitchen remodeling at the end of Winter.... My next reno project will be the little princess's room. I'm hoping to start that in the next couple of weeks...
Now for a bit of crafting..... This is the full pic (as promised here) of the quilt that I made up for this swap... And last but not least I'll leave you all with a glimpse of one of the new little babies that I have running around my place at the moment...DH and I bought a heap of old merino ewe's in lamb about 3 months ago for a real dirt cheap price, they were practically giving them away.. They all started lambing about 3 weeks ago.... Now who doesn't love baby animals, isn't this one a cutey???

Take Care... :)


  1. so good to see you back. Your renos look amazing - well done on saving that much money - your little lambs are beautiful.

  2. looking good and bout time you came back to visit us........now about the bathroom you had better move the cupboard out of the room until you get the shower screen.......don't want it to get wet do you.............lol..........lol....and I am dreaming about the kitchen..........

  3. My word you have been busy - now you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work! Your new bathroom looks lovely - and so spacious. You new little lambs are extra cute.

  4. Wow you have been amazinly busy, great bathroom! Adorable lambs too.

  5. Jodie - It is looking great - I knew you must have been crazy busy with all the reno's. They just take forever but well done on doing the bathroom yourself - awesome.

  6. The bathroom looks fantastic! I've been dying to see the photos....I love a good renovation.
    Isn't it great to see the progress in the photos taken from the same spot. Did you end up making a new vanity?

  7. Wow :o) you and your husband did a really professional job...and all the money you saved - that's great!! Your quilt was very pretty, and baby lambs - so cute! Take care, and keep up the good work with your renovations! xox

  8. the renovations look great - and how satisfying to not only do it yourself but to save bucketloads of money.
    i love the lamb - lucky you!

  9. Your bathroom looks great, its only took us 3 1/2 years to do ours! Lambs are so cute.
    Lisa x

  10. The bathroom looks fantastic!
    And what a lovely little quilt.
    Lambs are so cute!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
    from the Netherlands

  11. What a brilliant job you have done on the bathroom! Clever things you are. I know where to come for advice if we ever need it! Your ewe's are lambing late/early? I love lambing time except as a child I was devestated when lambs or ewes died. I bottle raised a couple and had one until she was 13. I loved Lamby (original!) and was devestated when she finally died. I was not a 'good' farm girl as I wouldn't let our fat lambs become our dinner... Poor Mum and Dad!

  12. Well done on the home handy woman / man renovations. The bathroom looks amazing and the quilt is gorgeous. You can grout, waterproof and sew! : )

  13. OMG how do ou fit it all in? Work, kids, renovating, craft (not in that order obviously!). You are amazing!

  14. Hi, hope you don't mind but I have tagged you for a meme.

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  16. Hello fellow Girls Day in the Country stitcher........
    You guys are doing a great job with your reno.
    Of course the lambs are very cute!
    Can't believe how much you saved.....excellent!

  17. what a huge bathroom!
    it looks great, i bet your enjoying the newness of it!!
    and all that money saved :)

    is that wooden chest the vanity? it's nice too


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