Great News on the Stove Front.....

After lots and lots of searching on the internet this week (what would we do without it???) I finally found a lovely older gentleman named Charles who is more than willing to help me out with my wood stove... He repairs them for a living/hobby and is just as passionate about them as I am...

(this pic is from Charles' website. The first one in the pic is the same model as mine.)

He thinks that my old girl is in great condition and that I'll have no problems making it look like new again. All I need is a bit of elbow grease and a few parts. He even told me that the hot water system in the back of it still works and that I can hook it up to use in my house when I put the stove in. He also said that he's more than willing to show me how to do all of this and at no cost....

How lucky am I????? You see the first man I rang told me that it would cost me at least $3500 to rebuild my stove and that wasn't including the re-enameling, that was an extra $2000..... :(

I was very disheartened and thought that this wonderful old appliance was going to have to retire to the garden and be used as a pizza oven (which is still a pretty darn good idea if you ask me, I just need to find another one for $5 now so I can do that too... LOL) This man than tried to sell me a NEW Rayburn for $10,000, was he trying to take me for a ride??? I'm still unsure......

Thank goodness I found Charles!!!! He's been so helpful and his advice has been priceless... He's not trying to flog his products to me and is even telling me to buy certain things like the new flu, paint and cleaner from a cheaper place like Bunnings, now that's one genuine guy....

He has told me that I can get my wood stove looking brand new for under $300. I was willing to spend $1000 so you've gotta be pleased with that!!!!! I can spend that spare $700 on some new bake-ware now.... :)

Speaking of ovens, I baked that tuna-loaf that I was talking about back here (the recipe is over here) and OMG it was delicious!!!!! What we didn't eat for dinner that night we had cold with some salad wrapped up in flat bread that next day for lunch...Once again a big thank-you to all of the wonderful comments I got in the last post and the oven advice was awesome.... Until next time, take care... :)


  1. What great news on the stove, just goes to show there are still good people in the world. Now that loaf looks yummy, think I need to check out the recipe.

  2. Wow what a Marvel is Charles & what a Bargain you are getting I would be Thrilled to , Good Luck with it,can't wait to see her all spick & sparkling.

  3. Looks like the place you found is the one in WA? This is wher I would have sent you, having found their site last year when looking at wood stoves.
    Just to confirm about the Rayburn, it probably would have cost you closer to $13,000 for a new one including flu and transport. oh, and they take a long long time to come as they are shipped over from England. are in Melbourne and sell brand new wood stoves. I like the look of the rayburns but not at that price! The Thermolux stoves are Australian designed and made, they have a massive firebox. apparantly you can load it up with wood Friday night and it will still be going Sunday.
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your stove after all the work.

  4. Yea! Congrats! How wonderful to have found this guy to help you. It's so nice to hear about the kindness of strangers, and it's great to hear about the wonderful deal you got. I'll be interested to see pictures once it's all finished and installed. The meal looked delicious too, btw!

  5. Hey, Congratulations on your news!!! Awesome... - I'm a little late on the uptake here, just catching up on a heap of my fave blogs and saw your last post.

    And how cute are those lambs!! My heart melts whenever I see the little tykes.

    And... good luck with your oven (thank god for Charles alright...)

    AND.... that tuna loaf looks divine! I'm about to post a heap of new recipes I've been trying, but I'll be adding that one to my stash.

  6. Wonderful news! It always feels so good to be rescued out of spending too much money. Thank goodness for people like Charles!

  7. What a bargain! I'm gla dyou found someone to fix it and congratulations on your baby news!!

  8. I'm just catching up on the news... Congratulations! on #2 bub.

    We waited to find out and it was so special when the midwife said...
    "Say hello to your (whichever one)"

    Amazing bargain with your stove too.

  9. wow i would love an oven like that. glad you have found someone to get it into tip top shape.

  10. yay Charles! so happy for you and you stove:)i have one installed in our kitchen hooked up and everythin. We dont use it maybe i should give charles a call and get it serviced??!

  11. Thank you so much Jodie - I have just received your parcel of fabric. Sorry, correction, Minnie's parcel of fabric. She wont let me near it! The fabrics are gorgeous, as are the trims. I will post more photos of it later when Minnie gives it back. It has brightened my day. X

  12. YESSS-Great News:) But but- i was on diet before summer holiday.Uhmmm,???

  13. They all seem-absolutely delicious.....Cheers :o)


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