With all of this cold, no FREEZING, weather that we've been having over the past week I got the urge to ferret through my over flowing wool stash...
I decided to crochet a ripple style scarf for my little princess. It was super easy, no pattern required, and only took 2 nights curled up in front of the fire watching or should I say listening to the TV.... If you love to crochet and would like a copy of my instructions just leave me a comment saying so and I'll pop them up in my next post.
The little princess is wearing her new scarf today and just loves it... I have another style floating around in my head that I just might have to get started on tonight so stay tuned for that one... :)
On the lamb front, this FREEZING weather sure is knocking the little one's and their Mum's around. A few more were rescued and added to the 'sick pen' over the weekend. The little princess is doing a top job feeding this lamb and heaven forbid if it ever decides to step a foot out of line.... She's quick to start rousing if it does, don't you worry.... And then it's back to being a good little lamb again, just like it's supposed to..... LOL!!!
I found a couple of recipes that I'm dying to give a try over the weekend.... The first is for a orange (or lemon) and poppy seed cake and the second is for a tuna-loaf, kinda like meatloaf but with tuna... YUMMO!!! Are you trying any new recipe's over the next couple of days??? I'd love to hear about them if you are...
Have a great weekend and Take Care.... :)


  1. it's freezing here too!!!
    your new niece is just gorgeous - does it make you clucky???
    i love the quilt you made - you are very clever.
    keep warm

  2. the scarf is wonderful! you're so creative! i just left you a response at my own blog as well. i love the sheep pictures as someday i would love to own some myself! thanks for coming over!

  3. My gosh isn't your princess growing up fast. She is a great bossy Mum! Does she have a good teacher? LOL !

  4. Your daughter is so cute! Love the pic of her feeding the lamb - so sweet, Her new scarf looks so warm!

  5. what a Lovely Scarf & it looks so cute on the Princess.....love the pic of her feeding the lamb.....

  6. There's no better time to knit and bake than when it's cold...or freezing! (even better!). That is such a cute little scarf. Great pictures, too... especially the one with the hungry lamb and little girl in it!

  7. What a gorgeous little farm girl - 4 degrees here as we speak.

  8. What a lovely scarf! Wish I could crochet but knitting will have to do!

    New recipes - I am planning on trying a few this week - will update my blog with some of them when I get a chance!

    It is cold here too - especially after being in sunny and warm QLD for a month! Keep warm.

  9. love the scarf and would love the pattern. my 16 year old daughter is off to nz in sept and needs something warm and trendy. cool here in brissy but bearable. take care of all those beautiful baby animals.

  10. Its been pretty cool here too but really we havent had a normal cold winter!! Some people are still wearing shorts here on some days!!!
    Love the lambs,I miss that!!
    Beaut scarf,too!!!

  11. Yep, cold here too, and I'd love to try that ripple stitch scarf. Looking forward to instructions please. Good to see farm girls in action.

  12. Oh it has been so cold the last week hasnt it. I dont know how people live in that weather all the time. I think this winter is the coldest we have had for quite a few years. By the way I emailed you my address for the contest and was wondering if you received it. If not I will try again at emailing you the details. Your daughter looks so cute feeding the little lamb with the bottle.

  13. we actually had an ok day day and the sun is out at the mo - love the pic of little princess and the lamb , so cute
    lisa x

  14. Gorgeous scarf and the wood stove looked so cool. Looks like you have a lot on at the moment. Love the smock your little lady is wearing with the pants. What pattern is that? All the best!
    Rosalind Sew Sydney


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