A Bit of Sewing Time....

Over the weekend I got a chance to whip up a couple of skirts for my little princess......

All I did to make them was cut a 12' x 32' rectangle out of some fabric from my stash, stitched the 2 12' sides of the rectangle together to make a tube, hemmed the bottom, stitched on some cute trim then hemmed the top and inserted some elastic. Too easy!!!!
I'd say it's about a size 2-3... I got the super cute trims from Reprodepot about 6 months ago and am so happy with the quality that I can't wait to head on over there again to buy some more of their trims...
Seen as though my little girl is pretty obsessed with putting things in pockets at the moment I added a pocket to the one below...

Next on the sewing agenda is a couple more of these aprons and some light weight pants for Spring...

Thanks for all of the advice on the gates from my last post... After changing my mind several times I've finally come to a decision... I'm going with the less-fancy option of the gate in the first pic, with the added swirly bit on the top of coarse.. I can't wait to pick them up this weekend from Mum's and when I do I'll show you all some pics!!!

Take Care... :)


  1. Gorgeous skirts Jodie. I love them and I love the trims too. Girls are so cute...I have two boys.....sigh...I love them though!!!Kathryn..

  2. Those skirts are so cute, and the trims are super too. It is nice to have little girls to dress up. I like the way your photos are on your blog too, with the little description on the bottom.

  3. love the skirts where did you get the chooky tape.......

  4. you make it look so easy - like the way you have done the pics too
    lisa x

  5. Love the Skirts Jodie they are so Cute & they look Great on the little Princess.

  6. Your little Princess is so cute! I love the way the little bit of trim dresses up the skirt.
    I really like the way you did the pictures for this post, too.


  7. Yep.
    I'm a trim girl too.
    Can't get enough.
    I'm off to visit your shop & suss out some knitted cloths & wot- not...Xxx

  8. They are so cute Jodie.. I love the ribbon trims :)

    The third picture with her little boots on sitting on the tree stump is my favourite :)

    and look at all that red dirt! we just came back from a weekend away in the country and Morgan's car was covered in it - so fun :)

  9. Cute skirts! I love the trims you used!

  10. Jodie, they are just gorgeous. Love all the added trim and pocket.

  11. Love those trims!
    I have given you a blog award 0 see my blog for further details.
    Bec xxx

  12. Ohhh, I love green and brown! This is adorable! Little girls in skirts are so cute!


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