Still Knitting....

I still can't believe that I've now finished 2 knitted projects bigger than a scarf or beanie.....
This little 5 hour baby sweater (even though it took me much, much longer than that!!!) is so super cute I can't wait to knit up another one.... I knitted up the 8-10pound baby size (it's about the same as 3-6 month, my baby was 8 pound and there is no way that this would of fit her at birth). I finished it off with a little red velvet ribbon, next time I'm thinking a couple of buttons at the top would be pretty cute too...
I've now started on another cardie and can't wait to get it finished... If only the knitting bug had struck back at the start of Winter, not at the end... LOL!!! Oh well, just think of all of the cute Summer things I can start knitting soon.... Take Care :)


  1. They are beautiful, I love knitting baby things. Colour is fantastic

  2. I think it is adorable and the red looks beautiful. At least in the summer and spring there are some cool nights so the baby will still be able to wear it.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. Your knitting is great too for a beginner. I wouldn't even contemplate it!! Well done. I think you had better knit a bigger one for your baby if your first was 8 pounds!!! Ouch!!

  4. No doubt about you, you are a talented little soul...

  5. Gorgeous colour Jodie such a cute little top,keep going while the urge is there.

  6. Wow-these are so incredible! I'm in awe of the way you are able to just whip them out and adapt them as well. You're definitely one talented knitter! How exciting too with the new baby on the way...

  7. gorgeous cardi - love the colour.
    summer means you get to knit with all those beautiful cottons - so soft....

  8. Oh my gosh! That sweater is too cute ... I have big babbies too ~ If you plan on knitting another, I'd definitly go up in size for your little one ;-)

    I left you a little something on my blog ~ hope it makes you smile.

  9. Mmmmmmm, beautiful stitchy, bready, wood stovey lurrrrvvvve...Xxx

  10. wow what a great job you did :)

    I especially love the Debbie Bliss shrug!

  11. I love it in red! Great job.

  12. Jodie it is just gorgeous and what a lovely change to have it in RED! Any baby will look HOT in this. You go girl !!!

  13. That little jumper nearly makes me want another baby...and that is quite a feat when you know my 8 yo baby didn't sleep all night for 4 years!!
    Just gorgeous! Tracey

  14. Hello Jodie

    Congrats on your new pregnancy!
    I am going to be a Nanna for the first time in February. Those little cardies/jackets are just gorgeous! Thanks for the link....I will have alook and maybe get a pattern for my mum to make. I can knit...well sorta...might leave that to Mum...great Nanna!
    take care

  15. cute cardie - well done with the knitting too. I like knitting small yhings as there is such an acomplishment when it gets finished
    lisa x


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