Knitted Nappy Cover....

Thanks for all of the lovely birthday wishes for my little princess Connie....

I've had a chance to do a bit more knitting of late and whipped up this little nappy cover.I used cloth nappies with Connie and intend on doing the same with bub #2. I always dreamed of having homemade nappy covers like these ones. Hopefully I'll get a heap more knitted up in several different colours before he/she comes along.

It's so hard to pick colours for 'baby stuff' trying to keep both sexes in mind... Yes that's right I still don't know what I'm having yet, don't get me wrong the surprise is going to be just lovely but DH and I had kinda talked ourselves into finding out the sex at the last scan but unfortunately the nurse was unable to see anything..

Hopefully this green cotton yarn isn't too dark... I used cotton yarn to try and make it as cool as possible as my little bub will be wearing this in the middle of summer.

With such beautiful Spring weather here over the weekend I got the urge to plant some more seeds....

Strawberries and Garlic Chives.... YUMMO!!!! I've always wanted to grow berries and don't know why I never have.... Any tips for great strawberry growing out there???

Take Care.... :)


  1. Hi Jodie, love your new banner with Connie on it. She must be getting so excited about bubs - or is she?? Yummo - strawberries! But, you are asking the wrong person here when it comes to gardening!!!

  2. Oh, the nappy cover is a great idea and the colour is lovely too - just like a big juicy green olive.

  3. Love the knitted pants. How cute and WOW! your Princess is 2!!
    Hope it doesn't turn in to the terrible 2's for you.....

  4. My SIL is a nurse and said that 95 of the time if the baby moves around a lot and they cant tell the sex it is usually a girl. Dont know if I believe that though, although my daughter did exactly that. I love the nappy cover, so cute and the green is so nice too. I would say that the strawberries will grow fine as long as the bugs dont get to them first.

  5. Congratulations! I am a little slow with the news (haven't had a chance to blog surf lately). Great to see that you've been so busy. Hope you're feeling good and healthy with baby. Oh ahh - a new baby!!!! Will you have to fly into a hospital for the birth?

  6. Oh how I wish I could knit that fast! Love the new header. We didn't know the sex of either of our boys until they came screaming into the world. It was such a beautiful moment - both times - so exciting and just well ... I'm tearing up here ... well - just dag on wonderful. Hope you are feeling well.

  7. gorgeous nappy cover - a brilliant colour. Will a knitted nappy cover be too hot during summer?

  8. very belated happy birthday to your little Connie!! sweet photos amazing cake!!!!

  9. These nappy covers are super stylish - I love the idea of a rainbow collection.

  10. Love the knitted cover - just a little advise. Wool will be fine to use as you can then lanolise it and it helps to keep the clothes from getting wet. Cotton will smell and you will have to use a new one each nappy change. I used wool on both mine (and Amelia is a NT baby, born in the height of the build up and she was fine) Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter (well that is what my hubby tells me anyway - he is the sheep farmers son!)

    Love the new banner - I so have to learn how to do this.


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