What's Wrong With Me????

Thanks for all of the great feed back on the drawstring bag. I'll try and get the tutorial done and posted by sometime next week so stay tuned.... :)
I can't believe that this knitting/crochet bug is still going... There really must be something wrong with me at the moment... LOL!!! I usually get bored and move on after 1 or 2 projects but now I'm up to project number 5 with another 2 already in progress and due to be finished tonight, can you believe it??? Well I can't!!!!!
Here's some pics of the face washers I made for a friend who's b'day is this week. This one is knitted using a gorgeous cotton/acrylic yarn by Patons and this pattern.....
And this one is crochet using 100% cotton yarn by Sullivan's (the same stuff I used for the nappy cover) and this pattern. Even though both yarns were the same ply (thickness) this crochet cloth feels SO much chunkier....
I'm going to try and make some homemade soap to go with these cloths, only if I get the chance, and I have the fabric all cut out and ready to be sewn for a drawstring bag (same as the one in the last post) to put it all in.


  1. Oh, these look great Jodie!! Well done. Perhaps it's the nesting instinct coming through that is making you keep going???

  2. They are lovely Jodie and I think such a personal gift for someone. I love the idea of putting it all in the draw string bag!

  3. Love the face washers. Great colours & patterns.

  4. Lovely work - there is nothing wrong with the knitting/crocheting bug - that is all that I seem to do at the moment too, but you seem to be achieving way more than me - well done.

    I was reading somewhere that crocheting takes half the time but almost twice the wool.

    I bought some of that patons yarn to use for the top of a little dress the other day - looks like it knits up nicely.

  5. Again, just in awe! You're so good with this knitting! Maybe the pregnancy is making you more inclined? I love the little baby tracker by the way! Hope you are well!

  6. Love the little dishcloths, what a nice gift.

  7. Nothing wrong with you!!!Lovely handmade gift for birthday Jodie :)

  8. I love that top pattern. Such a pretty stitch!
    They would make such a lovely present.

  9. lovely cloths Jodie, I'll have to give the soap making a go I think. It's funny because the day she was posting about the soap I was giving birth to Baby G :-)
    Lisa x

  10. You are well and truly nesting there!
    Love the cute skirts a few posts back as well, that chook trim...5 or 6 years ago that would have been attached to everything my daughter owned...am still itching to press the link even now!
    Great birthday cake, she looks so excited! Tracey

  11. Your washers look great! Well done! I have seen similar ones on downtoearths blog, she knits hers to use as dishcloths.
    I love your drawstring bag in the previous post - please put a tutorial on!
    Did you get a singlet pattern yet?
    Bec xxx

  12. A new baby!
    You didn't even tell me! (or did you?... No, I think not...) CONGRATULATIONS!
    I LURRRRVE the crotchet cloth, any in the shop? XXxx

  13. I had the crotchet bug last year - perhaps it goes in cycles. Your work is great!

  14. Wow, those are great! I love the patterns. What a great gift idea.

  15. Jodie lovely work...I wish I could crochet...the draw string bag look so nice!!!
    Gaizie Girl

  16. I love your knitting projects! So very pretty!

    Thanks for the homemade soap link. I would like to try this!

  17. I love those cloths! Great photos btw.

  18. He he, that's your knitting/crochet bug is nesting if ever I saw it. Such a powerful crafting motivator! Love the dishcloths,l

  19. Your knitting is making me want to drop everything and find my needles.
    Absolutely gorgeous - I'm in Central Western NSW too - and its a bit hot to knit at the moment for me!


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