Not Long Now....

Seen as though I'm using the same pram for bub #2 that I used with Connie I decided to make it a new insert to freshen it up a bit. I cut a heap of 6" x 3 1/2" strips and sewed them all together pretty randomly like this.....All up it was a 2 hour project late one night while DH and Connie were in bed and I was awake til the wee hours nesting..... LOL!!! All that's left to do is sew some button holes where the straps go and it's all done.....

I came across a great little diaper cover pattern on Raverly the other night and just had to give it a go..... It was super easy and only took a couple of nights in front of the TV to complete. I've already cast on a purple one and should hopefully have it finished tonight.....Also speaking of knitting, a little while back I whipped one of these mug cosy's up for someone (can't tell yet) to go with their Xmas pressy.....What a great little project!!!!! I can't wait to make myself one as well, I also like this little pattern too...

Only a couple of days til Xmas, can you believe it???? How are all of your preparations going????? I'm doing a pressy drop tonight before I head down to Cootamundra to my Mum's for Xmas, oh yeah and to have bub #2 seen as thought the closest hospital to have babies around here is 370 km's away from me..... One last belly shot, 3 days before I'm due.....
Take Care :)


  1. You have been very productive in the wee hours! The pram liner is gorgeous. We wait with anticipation for the arrival of baby Jelly Wares number 2.
    Janelle xx

  2. good luck with your jellybean!! 370kms' away?? gotta love the NSW Health Dept (oh, actually I do, they pay my wages each fortnight!!)

    Take care and have a safe and wonderful christmas!


  3. What a lovely liner! I can't wait to find out if Bub #2 is a boy or a girl. Good luck with everything.
    From your Secret Santa friend!!

  4. what an amazing belly shot. i can imagine that you are eagerly awaiting the birth of the babe - 370km away - will you make it in time. my second baby only took three hours from first contraction to last - i'm glad the hospital was only 2kms away cause we barely made that!!lol
    hope all goes well

  5. OMG your still there........take care.........hope all goes well and have a wonderful Christmas.......probably in hospital.....

  6. beautiful belly! best wishes Jodie for the next couple of weeks!!

  7. Will be thinking of you, safe travelling and all the best for a safe Christmas arrival. What a fabulous Christmas you will have.

  8. Love the pram liner and the diaper cover is so sweet.

    Wow, you are ready to pop. Good luck! I can't wait to find out the gender.

  9. Now you just have to chill and relax until Bub decides they are ready to meet you. Take care and have a lovely holiday, I'm still trying to sort out the lost parcel..
    lisa x

  10. The pram insert looks great. Love the little diaper covers too. Good luck with your delivery and I cant wait to see the new addition. I hope you and family have a wonderful joyous xmas which I am sure will be extra special with the new addition.

  11. We have been here five years, there is a 1 1/2 hour drive to hospital for delivering here. It did help put an end to my baby days I think.

  12. Waiting....waiting....waiting....
    Good luck and hope you, your DH and the little princess have a lovely Christmas.....look forward to seeing the new baby in the new year! All the best

  13. Hi there... I just stumbled across your blog :) Im really loving the mug cosy but am not having any luck with the link???

  14. what an awesome tummy taken. i can suppose you are desperately looking forward to the beginning of the girl - 370km away - will you create it soon enough. my second child only took three time from first shrinkage to last - i'm grateful the medical center was only 2kms away cause we hardly created that!!lol
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