IN LOVE!!!!!

A belated Xmas pressy came from my sister at the end of last month... You can just imagine how excited I was when I opened it and found a subscription to this mag.....

The first thing I made was this cute pair of overalls for Little Millie...
I love everything about this pattern, right down to the little pin tucks at the front.
I've also made some super cute 3/4 tights using stretch, a big first for me (using stretch that is)and I LOVED IT!!!!
These were SO EASY!!! I can see me making loads and loads of these for the girls out of the big haul of stretch I scored from here last weekend for $1 a metre...
Yes that's right $1, some were reduced down from as much as $16.95 a metre, can you believe it, well I couldn't... That's why I bought 45 metre's of it... LOL!!! A bit obsessive I know but just think of the saving.... ^_^


  1. Those overalls are adorable, don't you just love Ottobre!
    You got some great colours/patterns from SL - nice haul.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Gorgeous overalls for Millie. What fabulous buys from spotlight! Stretch sewing is nice, and more so if you have an overlocker you can use. When using an overlocker you only need the sewing machine for the hems.... and overlockers run ALOT faster than sewing machines. If you intend to make alot of clothes for the children they are well worth the investment. I have a Viking Husqvarna one, same as my sewingmachine, because they have an advisor feature on it which tells you how to adjust all the threads and how they should be tensioned etc for each fabric - absolute bliss for someone who has NO IDEA on thread tensions!
    Have a great day,
    Bec xxx

  3. Well when it is $1/m it is almost a crime to not buy 50 m or so - surely

  4. I just love those overalls...waaaay too cute!!!!

    $1 a metre!!!!I can't believe it!!you did well girly!!

  5. Jodie you are such a talented sewer, gorgeous little pintuck overalls. I love those stretchy 3/4 pants too, and look at all those amazing colors. Have fun and I cannot wait to see which are your faves too.

  6. Brilliant overalls!!Love the new fabric - lots of clothing in that stash. I used to love making my children PJ's out of fleece fabric.

  7. wow-o-wow those girls are sure going to be stepping out in style this winter....especially in those award winning overalls ;)

  8. Great Bargains you got there Jodie..Miss Millie is the Perfect Model in her New still has all that Gorgeous Hair...

  9. Love the overalls Jo they are so CUTE!! The tights are so adorable!!
    You got some really nic fabric what a great bargin!!

  10. Believe it or not..first time of heard of Ottobre! Im off to check it out. Love the overalls.

  11. Love the new outfit.
    You always find the bargins at spotlight....
    I got some cheap polar fleece last week too.

  12. I am so jealous as I am coveting a subscription to ottobre!

    I am loving the overalls for Millie! :)

    And theres nothing wrong with buying 45 metres of fabric at $1 a metre! I'd just find it hard to convince the hubby...

  13. You can never have too much fleecy with farm kids, it will never go astray...especially not at that price! Tracey

  14. Oh I need that magazine!

    45m of fabric? That made me laugh!

  15. Yay for more fabric -- you're among the obsessed! Those little overalls are adorable!


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