Show Time...

Lots of preperations for our Annual Agricultural Show here at the moment...
Today non-perishables were delivered to the pavilion and on Thursday the perishables are due...

Will try to take loads of pics over the weekend of all the lovely crafty goodness on display to share with everyone...

Here's one of the things that I entered today...
A crochet smock... This was such a beautiful pattern to follow, perfect for all skill levels.... I can definitely see another one of these on the agenda very soon... ^_^
Take Care....


  1. I love showtime! Used to be for the rides, now it's for the Pavilions.... Age!
    I'm sure you'll win heaps.
    Our show is next weekend.

  2. I cant wait to see how all your wonderful creations go. The smock looks so sweet.

  3. that is just beautiful!!!
    good luck.

  4. Love the smock Jo! Love the color it looks great!!
    Might have to make one for my princess if it's not too hard??
    Can't wait too see what you enter in the show...

  5. so cute! prize winner for sure! I love the local shows and have just entered my first one this week. Off to the show tomorrow to see how I did! wish me luck!!

  6. Love the new header pix.... so cute and retro. crossing my fingers and toes for the show..... everything looks beautiful.

  7. Goodluck ! I am already impressed.

  8. Beautiful Jodie...Good Luck.!


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