That Extra Mile....

There are so many very special people out there in blog-land and this week has seen me busily knitting away for one in particular....

She's been a regular visitor to my blog since I started way back in May 2007 and over the past couple of years has offered great support through her comments as well as numerous emails along the way....

Without giving out too many clues she's a huge chook fan and loves the colour blue. She has an amazing blog of her own that's a constant source of inspiration to myself and many other bloggers. So if you've been reading this blog for a while and think this may be you, a little parcel like this one,should be in your mail box very soon... :)

I have a huge list of goodies I'm planning on making up over the next couple of months to thank those extra special bloggers out there who go that little extra mile to make other people like me feel special....

(Washcloth patterns are both freebies from here... rooster, diagonal.)

To answer Michelle's question from this post... I like to use cotton for all of my washcloths. Bamboo is also lovely and I have found myself using an acrylic blend at times especially if the cloth is destined for the kitchen sink as it's better on the dishes than straight cotton... I use 8ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills for a lot of my washcloths but I also like to use 10 and 12 ply cottons and I just find them at Spotlight, not in the yarn isle though it's usually in the isle where all the needles and hooks are... Hope this helps... :)


  1. what a sweet girl you are.


  2. You're a sweetie. That sounds suspiciously like someone we all know... ;-)

  3. You are so very sweet to make such nice gifts for special friends Jodie. As always it is a pleasure to read your blog and your daily happenings in your life. One day you will have to give us a tour of your farm!

  4. So nice. Love the chook!

    My sister knitted me some washcloths a year ago and they're all I use now (will have to let her know they're wearing out...).

  5. The blue one is perfect for this person!!! I'm sure she will love it. You're a sweetie Jelly.

  6. I guessed B4 I even read your words . . . and I loved the caption "that extra mile" - so true

  7. The rooster pattern looks really effective!

  8. I am sure she will love your gift! We will all being seeing it soon on her blog!

  9. That wasn't hard to guess :)
    What a sweetie you are. Love those wash cloths...

  10. You are so sweet to make a package of goodies for that special friend.

  11. well I did see this post before anyone commented and thought oh maybe it could be me
    (huge chook fan - check)
    (loves the colour blue - check)
    then thought oh no it would be someone else........loved the chook but thought oh you go to some different blogs to me and maybe there was another crazy chook lady you could cope with another one of
    But the mailman delivered a parcel into my mail box this afternoon and I was SOOOOOOO EXCITED to read Jelly Wares on the package....I just knew what was inside....
    I absolutely LOVE the cloths and the little chook ceramic painting and you wrote the nicest things in the card (and here) and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling....THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU......and we would never have met except for the blogs........I feel very special to be part of ourt friendship........

    Oh and the reason why I am still here reading your blog cause your such a nice person and inspire me to want to knit (although I know I won't I am too slow) and I love your take on life in your neck of the country and life in please continue to inspire me also....
    ....can we have coffee together soon????.......


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