Mulching Machine....

For Mother's Day this year DH and the girl's bought this Mumma a Mulching Machine....
I can't begin to tell you just how much I love it!!! I can feed it sticks the thickness of my wrist and it turns them into tiny little wood chips without blinking an eye.... And when I fill the top up with leaves, weeds, hay/straw or what ever else is laying around the garden it produces masses and masses of beautiful mulch for my veggie patch...
So today while the sun was shining and I was outside with the girls enjoying every minute of it, I got to work and filled up my garden trailer....
After a total of 20 mins with my Mulching Machine I'm now ready to start topping up my garden in preparation for Spring....
What has this lovely Spring like weather got you doing in your garden??? I planted out some tomatoes that I've had growing inside on a sunny window sill for the past 6 weeks today, a bit earlier than last year but the temps are a lot higher around here this year..... Fingers crossed they still do o.k....
On the Washcloth Swap front there have been some great packages landing in peoples mail boxes this week... Debbie, Izi and Sue have all put pics up on their blogs, which are really worth a look... Fingers crossed my swap partner will receive hers in the next couple of days, I posted it yesterday, but you never do know with Aust. Post... LOL!!!
Take Care :)


  1. Hi Jodie, aren't you a lucky Mum!
    Well I put some onion seedlings in and potted up some lettuce recently - too early I suspect. I have plans - vague plans - for Zucchini, potato and tomato ...

  2. I have a homemade is wild but does a fantastic job.......

  3. What a great present!! We're trying to get gardens organised here too... maybe in the next few weekends - that's what happens when you move and have to start again!!! Hope your tomatoes are going well... not so cold this year!! Thankfully!

  4. What a wonderful present for you Jodie. My dad has one and uses it for his rose bushes after they are pruned which is great. Your garden will love all that mulch. I did mine about a month ago now and everything is just starting to grow so nicely too. I am hoping for lots of vegies this year. Hope your swap parcel arrives soon.

  5. Spring weather is right!! As you know we have had our own recent adventures in straw...not quite as tidy as yours lmao!! Plus I have ordered a whole bunch of things to plant this month including some purple spuds!! I am beyond excited!!

  6. Our garden mulcher has spent the last few days mulching apples for apple cider. It is doing a wonderful job. Not much spring weather happening here but we have just started planting seeds in the green house. I have just sewn in the ends of the washers and will pop them in the post when I pick the girls up from school this afternoon.

  7. Australia post were good this week Jodie ; )
    I sent and received my swap parcels today and will post a pic but might not be till tomorrow.

  8. an excellent gift! sounds like you are putting it to good use...
    I have been waiting for spring - lots of plans for the veg patch.
    Currently we are enjoying lots of brocolli and celery. I need to put in a secon batch of lettuce and spring onions asap.

  9. Can you please say what the brand and model is of the mulching machine illustrated on your blog?
    Thank You.


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