Garter Washer....

I love washers on the diagonal and after having made a few from patterns in the past I thought it was high time I made a pattern up for a simple one myself....
Wanting to keep it simple, quick and easy to make I stuck with a garter stitch pattern....
These cloths took me a max of 2 hours each to make, and that was between playing with 2 kids also, so they really are super quick, perfect for that last minute gift idea teamed up with some yummy homemade soap...
My free download is available from here.....
If you make one up for yourself I'd love to hear about it... How did you like the pattern??? Was there any mistakes in it???? Was it as quick for you as it was for me... *^_^*
Take Care :)


  1. I've printed it off.... shall give it a go! Haven't increased or decreased before!!

  2. I don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. Your post title set my imagination racing.

    I had visions of either a handsome young man being responsible for washing all of those saucy stocking holder-upperers or a machine into which one could drop said holder-upperers and have them popped back out all clean and sparkly.

    On reflection though I think your garter washers are much nicer and far less likely to lead me astray than that handsome young man ;-)

  3. Love the new header, and the wash cloths look great. Your patterns are great.


  4. LOL trust trashy to think of something.well trashy!!LOL

    Very nice my dear and I LOVE your new header!!!!

  5. I will have to check out the pattern Jodie and make one for myself. I love the colors too, nice and dark! Chocolate brown is always a favourite with me. I like the little hook at the top too.

  6. They look great Jodie. I love the rich colours. I will have go soon but I'll have to work out how to increase and decrease first. ps I made a basket with some of that green wool you sent me and it's great.

  7. Very pretty! I love the colors that you've used. And I LOVE your adorable new blog header!!!

  8. two patterns in 2 days you rock me jojo.


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