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harvesting the first of my red cocktail onions as well as some more green beans and snow peas. It's so rewarding being able to provide for my family in this way....When I first stopped bringing in an income 12 months ago (just before I had Millie) and the novelty of 'staying home' wore off I really started feeling insignificant...

I had to sit back and re-evaluate my situation, who was I and more importantly, who did I want to be???? I'd always been a working woman bringing in, what seemed to me, a good income. This new life as a SAHM was very unfamiliar, and I must admit I was a little scared.

It took me a while, but I realised that I was now doing the most important job of all, raising my family..... I was no longer a 50hr a week working woman, I was a Mum raising 2 beautiful little girls.

I now provide for my family in a different way. I do little things on a daily basis that in the long run really pay off. They can be any thing from re-purposing or 'Junksmithing' (don't you just love that word???), to making clothes, to growing fresh fruit and vegie's, to caring for chooks that in turn produce delicious eggs and meat, to fattening lambs for eat and much, much more.....

All of these things are saving our family in one way or another so I really am providing for my family and providing quite well.... I have a plan, or should I say 'dream', to be 90% self-sufficient within the next 2-3 years. I'm so looking forward to this challenge and can't wait to take my family on this journey.....

I'm so lucky to be able to live the life that I do even if I do get insecure about it every now and than and question my significance... I just need to remember to regularly take time out to appreciate what I have, a loving husband, 2 beautiful healthy little girls, a lovely modest home and much, much more.... Boy I sure am lucky....

What is your dream?????

Take Care :)


  1. Your fresh produce looks delicious Jodie! I can relate to how you feel - it takes a while to make the transition from full time worker to mother. I have always worked part time and I find that a good balance. By staying home you can save in many other ways - plus you are doing the most important job of all!

  2. I can relate to what you are saying completely. I wrote a post about this recently too here I often feel guilty that the boys are out farming and I am here playing with the girls. I have to remind myself that what I am doing is as important as that which goes on on the farm and that without what I do for the house and family our system would fall apart. I feel so lucky too. I am living my dream; gorgeous husband, 3 beautiful girlies, an organic farm...I couldn't want for more.

  3. I think what you are doing is incredibly important; dont forget that! I would love to have that sort of lifestyle, though Im lucky at the moment that I enjoy the work I do (when I actually have a job...).
    Vegies are looking good! Its been so humid here the last few days my snow peas have been hit by fungus; common apparently...other than that, they are going gang-busters!

  4. 90% self-sufficient sounds awesome! I really, really want to be growing a garden. I started but have found it difficult to maintain. I guess that would be my dream!

  5. hun i know exactly how you felt as i was the same when i gave up work after having my third child. you suddenly lose the equal pegging in your relationship and are having to rely on your oh to provide for you, but i am honestly much happier at home with my children now and im sure they benefit immensely from the fact i ahve time to cook proper meals, and sit and play with them. its certainly not always easy, but it is very rewarding :)
    good luck with your self sufficiency. i would love to do the same myself but havent had the opportunity as yet.

  6. Your veges look yummy. It must be very satisfying in your new role. I'm glad you are enjoying your new role.

  7. I was glad that I was able to stay home while my children were growing up. I know it is not always an option for many women.
    When they became young adults, my kids thanked me for being a SAHM for them. Yours will do the same.

  8. It's funny isn't it - how we feel about staying at home. Is it the lack of income that makes us feel that way. I don't think a child care worker feels that they are insignificant (grossly underpaid - but very much in demand). I think it's society's perceptions that doesn't necessarily under value mothers - it over values incomes. If you stop and think about everything you do in the day, you would know that you work very, very hard.
    And I believe your children will benefit from it - but that's just my belief, as my mum was at home with us and I look back with fond memories.
    I've started studying now that Louis is at school, and the one thing I've noticed is that I really appreciate the opportunity to do something for me - but I wouldn't have given up those years at home. I had to go back to work when Emily was little as David was studying - I'm glad I had a chance to stay home with the boys.
    Your vegies look great - enjoy every healthy mouthful ;-)


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