I love this time of year, don't you??? We are now into our third day of advent and with it brings some pics of the craft we did yesterday..... Miss Connie (with a little help from me) made a Santa Calendar.....
We used this great free printout for the Santa and then made the rest up ourselves. Each day of the month leading up to Xmas was painted, then a piece of paper was painted to match. On the back of each of these piece's of paper we wrote a little Xmas activity to do together as a family.....
Each day you cross out the day, grab a piece of paper the same colour as the day, do the activity and than hang it on the spike to the left of Santa's beard... Today's activity was 'read a Xmas story'....
It's so hard to take a pic inside, I can never get the light quite right, but here's a pic of our advent stockings hanging on the piano anyway.
After all of the great advice I got for stocking fillers back here I ended up opting for a Xmas craft activity in each one... Today's activity was 'Bake Some Biccies'... After a team effort, Miss Connie Millie and I have some pretty wild looking ginger bread in the oven baking..... Stay tuned for a progress report, we'll be icing or should I say 'dressing' our little men tomorrow...
Now time for a pest update, for those interested.....
I seemed to have stopped my tomato grub problem, FINALLY!!!! It turns out that by planting my tomatoes next to my beans and cauliflower they were more susceptible to pests and disease... I removed my 2 cauli's and 3 bush beans, squished any nasty looking critters lurking around my toms that shouldn't have been and now a couple of weeks on I have healthy tomatoes again... This is what I harvested this morning....
That big one down the bottom is bigger than my fist!!! I really do think a batch of Tomato Relish is on the cards very very soon, don't you???
To conclude, without all of your great advice from back here I really would have been lost so thank-you..... :)

Take Care.... Jodie.....


  1. love the advent stocking on the piano, you are a clever girl!

  2. love the kids advent calendar what a cute idea. what kind of cookies did you end up making? glad to hear your pests are under control. My tomato leaves getting ravaged but the tomatoes are OK so far... can't figure out what's getting at them... xo m.

  3. Great calendar idea! I want to make one next year...!

  4. I love that your advent treat each day is crafty. Good to see your veges back on track.

  5. I have never made ginger bread :(
    Can't wait to see how they finish!

  6. Hi Jodie - what a great idea for an Advent Calender, the activities will certainly help the littlies with the festive season.
    And the stockings look so lovely on the piano

  7. I love your advent calendar, how wonderful. Your little stockings are adorable! Great to know you solved your tomato grub problem. I will hopefully have some ripe ones soon too. I have about 10 tomato plants that have popped up in my front pots since Paul put compost in there and they are absolutely thriving.

  8. love your advent calender!!!!

    Glad you sorted your pests out!!!


  9. Your advent calendars are both just adorable! I love the look of all your stockings on the piano -- I should have hung our calendar around our piano -- such a great idea!


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