Enough Interest......

Today a very special Nephew of mine turned 1.... Where on Earth has this past year gone??? Happy b'day Axel, we love you very much..... xoxoxo So with 'birthday's' comes 'birthday crafting', of-coarse,
and for Axel's 1st b'day I made him a bib/apron and some knitted sorting balls.....
The bib/apron is a great pattern I've made several times before for Miss Connie (you can find the free pattern link here), as for the sorting balls, that's something I thought up myself.... *grin*
(back view of apron, lined with terry toweling)
I made 8 balls in 4 different colours, each pair of coloured balls has the same letter stitched on it....... Toddlers can use the balls to learn the letters in their name,
to match letters,
to sort letters and colours too,
or to just simply stack and tumble and stack and tumble, you get the picture.......
I'm hoping these balls will offer hours of enjoyment for my little nephew and if you'd like my super simple pattern just leave a comment to let me know, I'm thinking of doing it as a free download if there's enough interest........
Take Care..... Jodie ....... :)


  1. Happy Birthday Axel! Great birthday crafting Jodie. I'd love the knitted ball pattern for sure. They are gorgeous.

  2. Happy Birthday to little Axel!!

    I would love the pattern if you are willing to share, I am loving your washcloth pattern, and I am sure that this would also become a go-to gift!

  3. Super present Jodie... what a great idea. Love the bib pattern too... He is such a cutie. So nice of you to share your pattern.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Axel! I love the knitted balls Jodie, what a fabulous idea. I could use them for god-daughter who is turning 2 in January. I am sure she would love some. I am sure your nephew will love them too.

  5. oooh yes please - I have some dear little people in my life who would love such balls! I especially like how you've embroidered Axel's name on them.

  6. Looks like a perfect handmade birthday gift! Love it!

  7. What a cool bib -- thanks for the link! And your sorting balls are adorable -- I'll bet little Axel will love them!

  8. Ohhh you have now idea what aperfect gift this is. My baby just crazy for all things round. we loved everything ...especially the gift of your company to celebrate my babes special day. We love you too jojo, connie and mil mil.

    Ps you have no idea how much that pix stopped this mama's heart.

  9. i love these! Please, yes, share!! What a lucky nephew you have!! xox m.


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