Friday, August 20, 2010

Dreaming of Spring.....

I'm still knitting away like a crazy woman but with the days slowly starting to warm up and the nights gradually becoming shorter I'm finding myself drawn to projects with Spring in mind.......
These little flowers (pattern coming soon) are made out of some scrap 8ply wool and a 3.5mm hook. They're going to look just perfect sewn onto a little light weight top for one of my girls...
Or even attached to a headband would look super cute too....
Are you dreaming of Sunny Spring days where you are???
Hugs......... Jodie xx-xx


  1. Super cute. Yes, there is definitely starting to be a spring feeling in the air.

  2. These Flowers are Gorgeous...Glad you have a pattern coming out..looking forward to that...

  3. I agree, totally super cute! I could just imagine them on some cute dresses or tops, and headbands sound like a great idea!

  4. I have actually enjoyed this winter........few signs of spring poking about.......sick of muddy roads though........

  5. cute flowers.....
    no need to dream of spring here, the days are already around the
    26C mark. if anything dreading the summer humidity.

  6. love your flowers jody! very cute, makes me wish i had girls but got 2 boys. im just learning to crochet. sue~n.z.

  7. Definately dreaming of spring here, can't wait to make some gorgeous little summer frocks for my little girl. Love the flowers!

  8. lovely flowers! Just as your days are starting to stretch ours are getting shorter, cooler and thoughts turn to wooly jumpers patterns.

  9. Lovely flowers! I really like the slightly fluffy cream wool effect in the centres, too :-)


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