Friday, August 6, 2010

If you had to choose..... *giveaway*

If I had to choose between crochet and knitting for a favourite I think I'd have to pick 'crochet'.....
(new hat for my shop)
I don't know what it is, maybe the fact that it was the first yarn-y craft I learnt all those years ago...... Or, it could be all the memories that come flowing in every time I hold a hook in my hand and start creating, those gorgeous memories of my late Nanna peering down her nose through her square framed glasses hooking away at yet another 'granny rug'.... That woman was amazing!!! A blanket in a day was nothing for her in her 'hey day'.....
You know, I often laugh with my Mum about how things have turned out... Who would of thought when I was never able to start any of my own projects (let alone sew them together) that I would have a knitting/crochet shop of my very own... And you know what, I'm actually teaching people too, who would of thought..... LOL!!!!!!! *^_^*

So what about you, what's your favourite, knitting or crochet??? I even have a super delicious yarn-y prize in store for my favourite story as to why you love your craft......
It feels like for-ever since I posted some garden pics..... The broccoli are flowering..... And some blood oranges are almost ready to be picked, destined for a batch of delicious 'blood orange butter/curd' : : YUMM-O.........
What's in season where you are????


  1. Knitting!! My crochet is still early days and as such feels a tad uncomfy.

    We have lemons galore here. The oranges have all been juiced already :(

  2. Definitely knitting for me; tried crochet the other week and it looked terrible!

    Hmm, not to much in season in my garden at the moment, mostly just lemons and silverbeet. Almost time to start thinking about summer vegies...

  3. Both! My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 7 yrs old, so I've been doing that pretty close to all my life. It's my favorite for baby blankets, afghans, and sometimes hats and scarves depending on the pattern.

    Knitting came to me later in life from my mother-in-law when I was about 30 yrs old and was very awkward at first, but then I caught on to it and now it is my favorite for clothing items like sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves and such.

    Each one has its strengths and I love them both!

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn are all in season here now and just delicious fresh from the garden!


  4. Oh, definitely crochet for you, I was taught by my Grandmother (and my Mother) and now I am thrilled to bits that my five year old Granddaughter is eager to for me to teach her. She hasn't quite got the hang of it yet but I do know with her determination she will eventually learn and get to love it just like the generations before her.....It must be in the genes...

    In season now: we have an abundance of herbs, (dill and coriander are are particularly prolific at present) also several varieties of lettuce....hubby prepared the garden yesterday for beans so I look forward to those being ready...there's nothing quite like fresh beans.

  5. I have been a knitter since childhood (many moons ago :-)). I did crochet then too, but it was not something I ever felt as comfortable with.
    But nowadays my choice would definitely be crochet!!!! It comes together so quickly, almost instant gratification - if I haven't chosen a large project :-)
    As I'm self-taught in both, the memories are of my projects.
    But funnily enough about 20 years an old friend from primary school's memory of me was "that I was a very fast crocheter!" - funny that, as I don't remember doing that much of it

  6. No crochet/knitting stories...I can barely almost 9 year old does better than me. There I admit it! :)

    I just had to comment because your little miss is SO ADORABLE! those cheeks are sweet. :)

  7. Oh and the season here is HOT! It is a bit past the middle of summer.

  8. Knitting for me Jodie. It always makes me feel as though I have a connection with my nan who used to love to knit by the fire. She sadly passed away when my mum was 10 years old but she still remembered how her mum used to knit like the wind, she was that quick at it. I have been dabbling in crochet too which I like but I need to do it a lot more before I will be as wonderful as you are at it. The little hat looks adorable on Miss Millie too!

  9. I just Love Millie in her Gorgeous Hat...makes me want to pick up a Hook Again...I've been a Knitter since I was 8yrs old taught by my Aunt...picked up Crochet when the Kids were little..I Love Both but unfortunately my wrist can't take the crocheting any more..I am happy to pay someone else that makes Crochet items...

  10. I think I would have to say knitting is best for me, as my crochet is way too tight to follow "clothes" patterns... even thou I use bigger hooks...but my knitting tension is spot on...go figure??
    My broccoli is now at picking stage, brussel sprouts are still just leaves, the onions have grown lovely green stalks but not much happening underground and my citrus fruits (oranges, madarins, cumquots) are nearly finished... it is a tad warmer where I live (near Newcasrle NSW)....Cheers!

  11. Hi
    On holidays earlier this year we passed through Cobar twice. While checking blogs I discovered you had opened your shop and thought Great! I'll check it out on the way back. Unfortunately you weren't open when we came back through. One day, maybe! I remember knitting a little boy's jumper when my two were toddlers, but just recently crocheted a beanie for me and a beret-type hat for my teenage daughter that she actually wears. Success! Crochet wins for me. We grow citrus and wine grapes in SA and I've been enjoying the Ruby Grapefruit at the moment.

  12. Knitting is my fav. But crochet would you believe was my first of the yarny crafts. I learnt at school (year 5) off of one of the Mum's. I knew what to do and how to makea stitch but for the life of me could not follow a pattern to save myself. That all changed a few months ago and find myself favouring more and more hoked items:)

  13. Hmmm. Well, I don't have any sexy stories and I don't know that I could choose one over the other. I learned how to do both when I was a little girl and I love them both for different reasons. I probably knit a little more than I crochet. Your little hats are adorable!

  14. I wish I could crochet, one day I'll learn... We have just started to pick figs from our tree, absolutely delicious!

  15. Hi Jodie, I crochet a bit but knitting is my favorite by a very long shot. I'm going through an especially knitty time now--you know what they say, "knit happens"

  16. oh crochet for sure - one hook and less tension for me!

  17. Probably crochet, because it seems more intuitive and is more immediately satisfying! I enjoy knitting, and in some ways I like a knitted finished product better, but crochet is great :-)

  18. Hi Jodie,
    After a few seconds consideration, I can't decide. I like crochet because it is quicker and often more transportable. I like knitting because it is great to do without too much thinking (most of the time). I learnt both off my Nan and because I learnt to knit by sitting in front of her, I knit left handed. I was about 8 and just copied what she did in reverse.

    We don't have any fruit on our trees but an abundance of snow peas and broccoli. Yum.

  19. Hi Jelly, I don't do either I'm afraid, but I'd love to try your blood orange curd!!!!!

  20. My favorite crafts are knitting. Love the idea of knotting some string over and over to create something useful!

    Oh and in my part of the world (upper Michigan USA), wild blueberries are in season!

  21. Jodie,
    I love to crochet and have made many hats and scarfs this winter.
    Sylvia F:)

  22. I have to say that it's knitting since I don't know how to really crochet more than a double chain. I really want to learn though! The crochet flowers look so adorable and the hats are CUTE!

  23. Crochet as I cant knit yet! however sewing is most often what is happening here! glad i found you again Jodi!

  24. Knitting for me. I feel it is the craft of connection. My Grandmother taught me to knit as a child and although I didn't start knitting in earnest until 2 or 3 years ago once I picked up the needles all these memories of my Grandmother came flooding back. I think she would be proud of my knitting for my little ones just as she knit for her little one and for her grandchildren. I miss her and wish I could show her my boys in their handknitted things. I'm sure she would smile.

  25. Hi Jodie,
    It's been awhile since I've visited. Can't believe how Millie has grown. I crochet and knit but right now knitting is my favorite. My Mom taught me to crochet when I was about 8 or 9 and I learned to know in the early 70's when we were stationed in Iceland. I knit one sweater and then nothing for the next 20 or so years. About 8 years or so ago I started knitting again and haven't stopped.
    Here in Idaho corn and potatos are almost ready to harvest.

  26. Knitting. Wish I had learnt how to crochet. My Mum was great at it. Maybe one day I'll teach myself Susan

  27. Crochet for sure. I do love the look of knitting, but crochet is alot easier & faster for me.
    It feels good using handmade in my home. I know it will last & I know what it's made of. It's very reassuring.
    I can't wait for my lemons to ripen. Lemon curd is definitely on the cards.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  28. Hi! I both knit and crochet. My Grandmother taught me to crochet, along with hand stitching, slip hemming etc. Knitting - well it is my favorite of the two. My mother gave up in disgust when she attempted to teach me to knit. However Dad then stepped in, and in no time I was knitting. He had been taught to knit as a young boy at school during the war years. Love your blog. My email is:


  29. Crochet for sure! It gives instant gratification, and best of all, if you drop a stitch, its a synch to fix it up. My grandma taught me to knit, but she never got around to showing me how to pick up a dropped stitch properly. Now it wouldn't feel right to learn it without her, so instead, I unravel and pick up the stitches one by one.

    So for the quickness and ease, I like crochet better, but for nostalgic reasons, and the touch on the cheek test that the softness of knitting far exceeds crochet in, I do love knitting almost as much.


  30. ...crochet would be my first choice,though I learnt to knit from my grandmother!
    It's cold, cold, cold here...looking forward to spring!

  31. Crochet is my true love! Learnt it as a child sitting by my grandmothers knees. Lots of fond memories every time I pick up a hook!

    In the garden ... waiting patiently for the purple broccoli to flower-seems to be taking a while!!

  32. I crocheted for over 30 years until it started causing pain. All that time I "envied" knitters for the ability to make smooth, drapey stockintte fabric. Now I knit, and miss crochet's variety. Of course, wider cables are nicer in knitting, but then again, Filet is a crochet only thing.

    Am I fickle much? Um, yeah, I guess so. Both are beautiful and have their strong points.

  33. My Mum taught me to knit and there's nothing quite like the quiet, simple process of knitting : ) Now she's teaching my six year old daughter, I LOVE these handed down crafts. A dear friend has offered to teach me to crochet and I am looking forward to taking up her offer.

    I'm loving the winter tomatoes I can pick in fab Brissie and our lemonade fruit and snow peas are my other faves at the moment.

    Thanks : )
    another Jodie

  34. Knitting and Crochet whichever hook is handiest at the moment of need :-)

    Our Peaches are just coming on so hopefully the Jack Russells will keep the parrots from getting to many this year!


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