Monday, December 20, 2010


I am totally going to give this friend a big kick up the but when I see her next.... You see on Friday afternoon she made a comment in passing about a 'podcast' and how it mentioned a yarn that I stocked in my shop, Cascade 220...
I never thought any more of it and then that same friend was in my shop the very next day and we spoke of this 'podcast' once again. So that evening I sat down with a very tall glass of Red and let Mr Google guide the way, I had to find this so called 'podcast'...
Have you ever heard of Alana fromShe designs the most gorgeous patterns, has an inspiring blog and if that's not enough she also does regular podcasts. The podcasts are AMAZING and I'm finding myself drawn to listening to the whole damn 46 of them....
So the reason why my friend gets a boot up the arse (totally tongue in cheek) is that listening to these podcasts means that I sit at my computer while the dishes stay in the sink and the house stays a mess. But while I sit and listen, I knit, so I guess it's a win even if it is only a little one... *^_^*
And the latest project I cast on for just last night while listening to the podcasts using some of this divine yarn was the Woodland Shawl by the Thrifty Knitter. I'm only wanting to use 1 skein so am following the notes on this Ravelry page...
This morning when I ventured outside to do a few jobs (yes, I peeled myself away from the 'podcasts' for a few hours... LOL!!!) can you believe that I actually had to garb a beanie??? Yes, that's right, a beanie.... In the middle of December when the temps are normally scorching and you dare not step outside for fear of dying of heat exhaustion I had to grab a BEANIE!!!!
And that got me thinking... I don't think I've shared this one with you all... I made it in Winter this year for my shop but loved it that much that I had to keep it for myself... I used the gorgeous 128 Chunky by Cascade and the shade is the most amazing blue I think I have ever seen...
What's hot on your needles at the moment???


  1. Isnt Alana a wonderful podcaster. I only started listening to podcasts about 5 weeks ago now and Alana was the first. I also listen to Cast On and the Knitmore Girls but I try to only listen after dinner otherwise nothing gets done. I do manage to achieve quite a bit of knitting whilst I listen though! Love the beanie too, great color!

  2. The weathers been nuts; we had 86mm rain over night...what happened to summer? Love the beanie :-)

  3. You my Dear are crazy about podcasts like I have become crazy for all these blogs...there is no end to my jumping from one to another and when my eyes can no longer stay open and it is 5am in Ohio (I should have been to bed 6 hours earlier), I drag my butt to bed, passing my husband in the hallway. He knows I am nuts now. I look like a crazed woman with my mumblings of needing to buy more yarn and to crochet or knit something I saw. It is an addiction, in the blood. ~Susanne~

  4. What a great looking beanie. We definitely need a few of them here at the moment. We got a foot of snow on Saturday. And, as much as I like the stuff, it scuppered my plans of travelling to stay with friends and take Violet to see Santa :0(
    I've heard loads of people rave about Podcasts, but I've never gone and had a look at them. Perhaps I should.
    Jill x

  5. Yes, I had my beanie on tonight. Strange thing having a cold snap at this time of year...

  6. I love Alanas podcast they are very interesting, I listen to them on my ipod while i am doing things that way they get done:0). I have baby knitting on my needles for my Granddaughter that is due in March.


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