Monday, May 3, 2010

hexagon heaven

I've been obsessed with hexagons lately and as a result have 2 table runners to show for it.... A yummy earthy one using some Magnum Soft and 16 hexagons.... And another one using some standard Magnum and 9 hexagons, (both yarns were from my stash)...
Hexagons are super easy to whip up and you can turn them into almost any thing... I'm loving this gorgeous pot-holder and how cute are these little pin cushions????
I've also been playing around with the spinning wheel and plying up some cotton....
These little 25g hanks are super addictive to make up and are the perfect size for my standard washcloth pattern which is listed to the right in the side bar (for free)....
(Find them in my shop for $2.50 each...)

Hugs - Jodie xxx


  1. Congratulations for the shop! I can buy? I'm in Paris.

  2. Those hanks are lovely - as is the table runner - things are looking pretty great for you and the shop looks fantastic WELL DONE!

  3. Beautiful yarns! How on earth do you find the time with a new shop and your little girls -- you're amazing!

  4. The yarn looks gorgeous. Oh how I wish I could visit your shop! And I second Thimbleanna's opinion! xo m.


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