Friday, May 14, 2010

Granny Love...

I had some gorgeous ladies in the shop today for a 'learn to crochet' class... We went through the basics and then started on some granny squares....
I am so impressed at how well they all picked it up and am looking so forward to our next class next week... I made a pastel cotton granny......
And an earthy pure wool one to show how different 2 kinds of yarn can look in the same pattern....
I love granny's and if you do too stay tuned for my pic tutorial coming very soon...
Hugs.................. Jodie xx
(crochet classes are every Thursday and Saturday, call into the shop for for more info)


  1. They look fabulous!!!
    I esp like the cotton one.

  2. Got to love the Granny. So simple and pretty. I have been working on a few crochet projects myself. Sounds like the shop is going well?...

  3. I still have my training wheels on but I am getting the hang of crochet. Like your grannies....

  4. Love the granny squares, do hope the shop is going well too.

  5. Sounds like the shop is going well..can see lots of Granny Rugs popping up..Great Job.

  6. Granny squares rule!!!!! Keep spreading the love! M xx

  7. How are your classes going? It must be so good when your ladies suddenly "get it". The granny square is so quick and effective and the pattern is timeless.

  8. I love how perfect these look. Sounds like the shop is going great! Wished I lived closer. Day trip will certainly be coming up. I'll bring my crotchet hook for an update.


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