Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plenty of Pouches....

First up....... Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mum's out there!!!!
Thanks for the great response to testing my new crochet hat pattern from my previous post. I'll have the pdf done up by Wednesday next week (hopefully) and a copy will be sent to each of your emails.... I'm so looking forward to seeing how each of you interprets my pattern, especially those newbie crocheter's out there, this is going to be fun!!!!
I've been lucky enough to spend some quality time doing 2 of my favourite crafts this week and now have 'Plenty of Pouches' for my shop..... The fabric ones are Project Pouches but would be great for just about any task that involves hauling something around with you...
And these little knitted one's are Coin Pouches... My free pattern can be found here (if you're not on ravelry yet let me know and I'll email you the pattern). I used some of the delicious Cotton Rich from my shop for these cutie's, it's just heavenly to knit with and with all but 2 skeins of the blue colourway left in the shop I can see that everybody else thinks so too....
Enjoy the rest of your day..... Hugs.......... Jodie xx


  1. The project pouches look great Jodie and so do the little coin pouches! You must be doing very well with your shop too which is fantastic, now off to go and buy that book!

  2. A big Mother's Day hug to you Jodie. Glad you managed to get some well deserved sewing done. The coin pouches are so sweet too. Hope the first couple of weeks in the shop are going well?

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you. You've been really productive. All very cute.

  4. Hope I'm on the email list! - looking forward to having that as a project - perfect timing as well because I'm having a holiday next week and need some projects to take with me!

  5. What sort of yarn do you recommend so I can order some? Cotton? DK?

  6. Loving the little coin pouches...they look like a great stash buster! It's been mentioned (again!) that my yarn stash is taking over... :)


  7. :) Happy mothers day to you too - looks like youhave had a busy crafting week.

  8. Hope your shop is doing well! I love your knitted cowl... & how cool are you making your own ricotta!


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