Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grab a Granny....

Crochet really is my craft of choice at the moment with the creation of a cute little hat the latest thing off the hook...
My new found obsession is thanks to the ever inspiring Kylie and all of the beautiful crochet goodness she has been creating of late, oh and my love of 'granny' squares, of-coarse...
For this hat I used a 4mm hook and some gorgeous Sierra yarn from Cascade...
This 80% cotton/20% pure wool blend is just gorgeous. I can definitely see myself creating one of these using it in the very near future....
The pattern was one of my own, created in the wee hours of this morning... I'd love to hear if you'd be interested in test 'crocheting' my 'Grab a Granny' hat...
What's your craft of choice at the moment??
Hugs................. Jodie xx


  1. I wish I could test it because it looks wonderful but my crochet skill level is VERY low!

    I can't stop knitting at the moment and bought more yarn this morning for yet another project...

  2. Hi Jodie, your crocheted hat looks wonderful and I would love to test it for you but I have only just taught myself the dc and sc stitches and how to decrease. The increase step has me a bit puzzled. I also had to tell you that I tried to order a copy of your Whimsical Little Knits from your store but it didnt come up right, just the price but no description of the item in the box for some reason. I will try again on Friday if I can. Your little blue and white cottons look so lovely too!

  3. The hat is lovely! My craft of choice is definitely CROCHET!!! I love it!!! I'd love to test the pattern too!

  4. Your little one looks absolutely charming in her cute little hat!

    I divide my time between knitting and sewing and it's hard to decide which one I like more at the moment. I do crochet a bit but it tends to aggravate the tendonitis in my wrist so boo hoo about that!

  5. I am most definitely obsessed with crochet at the moment but I am sewing lots too. I would adore to test your pattern for you, it looks gorgeous.

  6. Too funny! I too am obsessed with crochet at the moment. I am almost finished my ripple blanket, am working on a granny square curtain and have been making umpteen flowers! I would love to test your pattern - it is so very sweet. :-) Now I'm heading over to your shop for some dish scrubs.

  7. Your kids are just some of the cutest lil buttons and they get to test run all these great creations you come up with. Very blessed lil ones to have a mom who can see something in her mind and whip it out in no time. Always looks lovely Jodie. :) Hope the store is starting out well! Am so glad you ended up going that route.

  8. I'd love to test - and Ruby would get a hat too! Crochet all the way...

    Love the title to your post. Made me think back to teenage boys in my school days

  9. :) thanks for linking me - chuffed.

    I would love to test knit it for you. I have so got to blog all of mine - would you believe that I have done another three in the last two days:)

    I AM HOOKED - Have not picked up a knitting needle for four days - they are chanting in the corner.

  10. I've been wanting to try a crochet pattern for my baby girl (who loves hats) but while I'm an advanced knitter, I am an intermediate crocheter. Would you be willing to let someone not familiar with all crochet terms give it a try? I could definitely try it out for the dummies. ;)

  11. Love the hat...How gorgeous!

  12. If you would like a beginner to have a crack at your pattern, then I would love to help! I've managed granny squares, and hexagons, but nothing further than that......


  13. I love your hat. I crocheted one almost identical! It was the first real item I ever made following a pattern, and I was extremely proud of it. Not too bad considering I was still at primary school! I am delighted crochet is getting the love and appreciation it deserves. Kim :)

  14. Veryyy cuuuute ! Crochet IS addictive !

  15. I know this crocheted hat would look gorgeous on my great niece's bonce.I await with much anticipation your pdf so I can attemt my first crocheted hat.I've crocheted for years but mainly blankets or granny squares never anything you would wear :) Barb.


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