Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chunky Cowl....

This afternoon while making another batch of Ricotta I was thinking that it was high time I shared my revised recipe with you all....
After a lot of trial and error I've finally came up with the perfect vinegar/milk combo to make the creamiest ricotta....
I use 750ml of full cream milk (straight from the sheep/cow/goat is best but you can also use the store bought pasteurised kind too) to 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. I pour both into a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil.
As soon as I see the first lot of bubbles in my milk/vinegar mixture I take it off the heat and allow it to sit for about 10 mins (this is when the magic happens). After 10 mins I strain through a fine colander, pushing down with my fist to drain the fluid. From this 750ml I get about 200ml of delicious creamy ricotta, YUMM-O!!!!
I've also been busily knitting up a storm with some new wool (to be released in my shop this week)...
This chunky cowl was such a pleasure to knit that I've already cast on for another 2...
And to spice things up a bit they are both in deliciously bright colours.... The pattern will be a freebie when you purchase a 200g skein of the gorgeous 20ply Australian pure wool from my shop..
I'm also working on a lacy version in a deep ruby red that I'm dying to share with you all....
I can see alto of this new yarn not even making it to the shelves in my shop, I love it that much... LOL!!!
Hugs..................... Jodie xx


  1. Lush cowl - lush colour - do you ship internationally Jodie? The yarn looks amazing... I'm going to have a look on your site now.

    And I never ever thought of making my own ricotta - I am definitely trying this. Don't think it will be as 'fresh' as your though!!


    A x

  2. wow making your own ricotta - brilliant! Love the cowl too, its almost cold enough to be wearing one over here at the moment too.

  3. Love the cowl... so much i went to the shop to buy some yarn and get the pattern, but can't find it- are you selling it online? xo m.

  4. This is so gorgeous...and looks to me like terrible mistakes by novice knitters will just blend right on in to its rustic charm. Perfect! Lovely blog - look forward to more. x

  5. Love chunky knit cowls! Such a fab accessory to make AND own! Looks like a fab project for some serious instand gratification! Mxx

  6. thanks for the ricotta recipe, looking forward to trying it

  7. Love the cowl... Gorgeous Colour.
    Might pop over to look at the wool to get the free pattern? LOL!


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