Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gorgeous Fibres....

Being surrounded by gorgeous fibres 3 days of the week has really made it hard to think about anything else but knitting (oh, and crochet too).... So the latest project hot off the needles (a 10mm circular to be exact) is yet another chunky cowl.
This one has a lace pattern worked through it and the shade of yarn that I used, vintage grape, is that delicious looking that I swear I could eat it all up...
If you're loving this pattern, it's a freebie when you purchase 1x200g skein of the super chunky 20ply from my shop. Just write 'lacy cowl' in the comment section of the checkout and the PDF will be emailed to you within 48hrs. Happy Knitting!!!!!
Hugs...... Jodie xxx-xxx


  1. Oh, you're right, that colour is just divine! It looks gorgeous on you too :-) I don't know if I could wear a cowl, but I'm off to browse your shop anyway LOL.

  2. Oooooo - I love that colour. I'm really into chunky wool at the moment as it's quick and so easy to knit with. I've just found this most amazing Leaf Pattern Scarf that I just can't get enough of and I'm thinking that maybe your lovely yarn would look fab. I'll go and check it out.


  3. I love the cowl, the chunky wool is perfect and a fab colour too.

  4. This is really gorgeous Jodie. Do you only need one ball for the cowl? and how difficult are the instructions? Looks great on you xx

  5. Hi Jodie, great to read how much you are loving Nundle wool. My hubby and I both work at Nundle Woollen Mill and feel very proud of the fact that we get to work on those lovely old machines, and help produce those yummy bright coloured yarns. Look forward to seeing lots more wooly creations from you

  6. It looks fab. I am trying my hand at the other cowl as we speak- I think I have already made countless mistakes... might have to start again... we'll see. xo m.

  7. I think it is a great color, and you look awesome in it.

  8. Would love a copy of the lacy cowl... do you have any other crochet patterns? Love your blog, wish I could visit your shop!!!


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