Friday, July 27, 2007

Flash Back Friday #2

I can't believe that it's Friday already!!! Here's my pre 1985 pic #2.... This one was taken about 1984 over at Louth on the river. We went over there quite a lot when we were kids. I can always remember that dad just loved to fish. He used to load the old Holden Ute up, strap the tinny (boat) to the roof, then off we'd go. Wasn't my mum a hottie! Not many people can get away with wearing shorts that short, I know I can't. My dad's the one without the hat on, in case you were wondering. Oh the good old days....

I got a chance to snap a quick shot of my new little tribe today. Isn't my little princess just so clever, giving Beauty a snack.
I managed to finish the brown bootees that I started yesterday.
While I was knitting them up I made up this pattern...
Pretty Darn Cute isn't it? I thought that they'd be good in spring when it's not qiute so fresh. I'm trialing blues at the moment as I'm due to be blessed with a new nephew any day now.


  1. OK!!! You have me verrrry curious! I grew up near Louth and my family still live there (in the area not at Louth itself) The Louth races used to be the Biggest social event!
    Looking at the photo it brings back memmories of turn off parties and all that!!!

  2. Right ,I just read your answer in past comments,derr,silly me!
    My parents own Dunlop which in the roughly opposite direction about 12 miles out from Louth towards Tilpa,Im putting together a post soon with photos of the old shed! They have afew super fine sheep that I hope to get a couple of fleeces from later! Small world!!
    What sort of shhep are those? South African? Damars? Theres a few merino cross damars here on "Woolibar" and they would be great for carpets its so coarse!

  3. Love those cute little booties.
    Thanks for joining my PIF. Could you please email me your address and a little surprise will be in the mail (hopefully soon then later)

  4. ps. I forgot to mention your mum's great outfit. Short shorts, halter neck top and scarf on her head. Quite the trend setter back then and you I agree not many people can get away with wearing short short but she looks great. Hope she doesn't mind that you have now shared it with the blog world.

  5. hey jode...
    luv the pix... isnt my neice growing up wow... she is sooo big...
    what awesome bootees.... ur pattern writing is outstanding... luv the blue....
    luv Abby

  6. Hi Cathie,
    the Louth races are still a HUGE annual event. I think that the crowd gets bigger every year.
    My sheep are Damaras... You where right! They don't really grow much of a fleece so they're kinda only meat sheep. They're extreamly low maitenence, a great choice for the organic farmer.
    I can't wait to see your post with all the pics of the old farm.


  7. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks!! I really love them too!
    It was my pleasure, joining your PIF group. I can't wait to get my surprise.
    I love mums outfit too. I'd feel like a tart if I wore someting like that now a days but that was the trend back then I guess.


  8. "If i could turn back time", well your lovely mother sure new how to turn some heads. And Bob has hair??? Belly has gotton bigger. although my favourite little princess(Constance) might be saying that about me one day.

  9. Hi Ab,
    Tell me about it! My little princess is just getting so big so quick... I can't believe that it's her 1st birthday in a month.
    I'm glad you like my new bootie pattern! It just came to me while I was knitting up the brown booties. They remind me of little mary janes.

    Love JoJo

  10. Hi Hayley,
    Mum sure was a looker! Yeah, Dad has changed a bit. I don't think that my little princess will be saying that about you.

    Love JoJo

  11. what alot of hair your father had. im learning how to write on your blog. Hayley is showing me. love you Jo Jo
    Luv Paddy


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